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Software Component Version (SCV) ID Integrity checker


This document explains how to resolve the inconsistency in the SCV IDs present in the BOE Platform.

  • - There are chances for SCV inconsistency, when BOE 4.0 system is upgraded to BOE 4.1 or from BOE 4.1 to BOE 4.2 environment. It may happen that SCV IDS in BOE services may not be upgraded to latest BOE Platform values respectively.

  • - When you check the SCV values in the SAP SLD system, it shows the BOE 4.0 values even though environment has upgraded to BOE 4.1 same way for 4.1 to 4.2 upgrade also.

  • - To resolve this inconsistency, I have written a tool which checks for the inconsistency in BOE Platform system after the upgrade.

This tool provide 2 options:

  1. Check for inconsistency in SCV IDS
  2. Update SCVI IDS

Usage of the tool:

This is a command line tool, which takes BOE username, password, system name and authentication type as parameters.


Java –jar <jar name> <userName> <password><hostname: port><authType>

The jar is “ppmsUpdater.jar”

Below is the explanation for the usage of tools along with screenshots.


This screenshot gives how to run the jar in command line with the input parameters. In this step it will try to get the enterprise session from BOE system.

Screen 1:


Step 2:

After getting the enterprise session the tools shows available options as below:

Screen 2:

Option 1: Check for inconsistency in SCV IDS

  • - With this option, this tool checks the BOE Platform system if there are any SCV IDS present with old BOE Platform values.
  • - Then it lists what are the services which are having old values and what are corresponding new values for those services.
  • - In this case only listing of those services will happen. It will not update values.

Screen 3:

Option 2:  Update the SCV ID’s:

For this option, it will checks the inconsistency and if any entries present with inconsistency, this tool will update the inconsistency values to new values.

Screen 4:

Option 3: Exit

This option will exit from the tools

Screen 5:

Below is the mdocs link for the tool where it uploaded because of size constraints

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