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OData 4.0 Vocabularies - SAP UI

Terms for presenting data in user interfaces


HeaderInfoInformation for the header area of an entity representation. HeaderInfo is mandatory for main entity types of the model
IdentificationCollection of fields identifying the object
BadgeInformation usually displayed in the form of a business card
LineItemCollection of data fields for representation in a table or list
StatusInfoCollection of data fields describing the status of an entity
FieldGroupGroup of fields with an optional label
GeoLocationsCollection of geographic locations
GeoLocationGeographic location
ContactsCollection of contacts
MediaResourceProperties that describe a media resource
DataPointVisualization of a single point of data, typically a number; may also be textual, e.g. a status value
ChartVisualization of multiple data points
SelectionFieldsProperties that might be relevant for filtering a collection of entities of this type
FacetsCollection of facets
HeaderFacetsFacets for additional object header information
QuickViewFacetsFacets that may be used for a quick overview of the object
QuickCreateFacetsFacets that may be used for a (quick) create of the object
SelectionPresentationVariantA SelectionPresentationVariant bundles a Selection Variant and a Presentation Variant
PresentationVariantDefines how the result of a queried collection of entities is shaped and how this result is displayed
SelectionVariantA SelectionVariant denotes a combination of parameters and filters to query the annotated entity set
ThingPerspectiveThis term is a Thing Perspective
IsSummaryThis Facet and all included Facets are the summary of the thing. At most one Facet of a thing can be tagged with this term
PartOfPreviewThis Facet and all included Facets are part of the Thing preview
MapTarget MUST reference a UI.GeoLocation, vCard.Address or a collection of these
GalleryTarget MUST reference a UI.MediaResource
IsImageURLProperties and terms annotated with this term MUST contain a valid URL referencing an resource with a MIME type image
MultiLineTextProperties annotated with this annotation should be rendered as multi-line text (e.g. text area)
TextArrangementDescribes the arrangement of a code value and its text
ImportanceExpresses the importance of e.g. a DataField or an annotation
HiddenProperties annotated with this term will not be rendered at all
HiddenFilterProperties annotated with this term will not be rendered as filter criteria

Vocabulary File

For a complete definition of the terms see the attached document

UI.xml (49278 B)
UI.xml (49088 B)

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