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Access Output File of a BW Bex Query in File System

In some scenarios it might be required to perform some analysis using the output of a BW Bex query.In such a case it is necessary to access the output file generated by a BW Query in txt format in the file system. This requirement is not met by RSCRM_BAPI whose output has a number of limitations like it cannot have a header, it can write only the keys but no text is available among others. So the broadcast feature can be used here.

Now if the default settings are used for broadcast the output file is generated in the userhome repository in KM Content on the portal. It is not possible to access the content of userhome in the file system. So it is necessary to publish the output file to a repository the content of which can be accessed in the file system. KM provides a file system repository type which can be used here. Also the location where the output file is broadcast has to be changed to a folder in the file system repository.

To summarize the following steps have to be followed to access the output file of a BW Bex query in the file system:

1. Create a file system repository

2. Configure the broadcast path to the "Root Directory" property of the file system repository

Output file should be accessible in the location which is maintained in the "Root Directory" property of the file system repository.

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