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SAP Labs Canada Spotlight 2016

Labs Canada Rocks – Meet the Band

Kirsten SuttonEver wondered who is behind the wheel of those tattooed tour buses that make sure your favorite band is set up and ready to rock city by city? And who is it that gets the gigs, books the band and publicizes and promotes every stop along the tour? Give it up for the roadies and promoters of rock!

by @Kirsten Sutton on Jun 27, 2016


SAP Jam: Made in Canada, eh?

Jeff GanOver the years at SAP, I've had the pleasure to learn a myriad of TLA's, or three letter acronyms. Surprisingly, "Jam" isn’t one of them. It's simply a short, memorable, and unique product name for SAP’s cloud collaboration software. Check out the interview with Francis Lui, Senior Director of Engineering for the SAP Jam Collaboration line of business, to learn more about the incredible team of talent that is behind SAP Jam.

by @Jeff Gan on Aug 6, 2016

Apple and SAP: Revolutionizing Enterprise Mobile Applications

Pascal LessardRecently, SAP announced an important partnership with Apple to revolutionize the way we do enterprise mobile applications. But what does this partnership entail concretely? To better answer this questions, let's look at the rationale and elements of the partnership.

by @Pascal Lessard on Jul 21, 2016

CSR at SAP Canada: Investing in Tomorrow's Talent for the Digital Economy

Jennifer CarreiroAt SAP Canada, community service, volunteerism and corporate social responsibility are core to who we are. In addition to a commitment to volunteerism that saw nearly 2,000 employees give back to their communities last year, we’re also proud to make strategic investments in charities helping to equip youth with the skills they need to tackle society’s challenges and thrive in the digital economy.

by @Jennifer Carreiro on Jul 21, 2016

Cloud Analytics at SAP Vancouver: It's Only the Beginning

Carmen ChoyThe SAP Vancouver office turned out to be the best place possible for SAP to realize this vision. Not only is SAP the largest software development employer in British Columbia with over 1200 employees, it also happens to be the heartland of business analytics software owing to its history since the 1980s of producing market-leading business intelligence products from Crystal Reports to BusinessObjects Enterprise.

by Former Member on Jul 20, 2016

(You can find me) in da WatHaus

Daria ErshovaA global corporation or a start up? Small indie game company or a leading digital agency? Somehow start-ups and big established corporations are always juxtaposed, and as a young professional you are supposed to always choose one over another.

by Former Member on Jul 18, 2016


Jorge FloresThe Installed Base Maintenance and Support (IMS) Canada team in Montreal and Toronto includes some of the greatest masterminds at SAP. IMS is the development support organization that delivers high quality maintenance with high customer satisfaction. This team of highly skilled developers not only possess technical knowledge, but also business acumen.

by Former Member on Jul 18, 2016

Job Sampling Experience for Young Adults with Autism at SAP Vancouver

Malinee NarangWhen SAP launched the Autism at Work program in 2013, SAP Canada was chosen as one of a few countries to pilot this remarkable initiative. SAP’s Autism at Work program is our commitment to hire 1% of our global workforce with individuals on the autism spectrum by 2020, which reflects the approximate occurrence of this disorder in the general population.

by Former Member on Jul 14, 2016

Product Spotlight: SAP Hybris

Rainer WelligeSAP Hybris is a force to be reckoned with that was created to compete with market leaders. Formerly known as Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC), SAP Hybris has become a hot piece of software and an excellent acquisition by SAP. Read more to find out what we do.

by Former Member on Jul 14, 2016

Canada's best kept secret?

John GrahamIt’s been six months since I made the journey north of the border to become SAP Canada’s new President, and already I’ve been blown away by the innovation on display by the SAP Labs here. Spread across Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal and Vancouver, they are pushing technology forward in profound and globally significant ways.

by Former Member on Jul 13, 2016

SAP's Toronto Lab Enables a Digital Future for Insurance

Drew BirtwistleSAP’s software solutions have traditionally followed a horizontal strategy by developing products that solve problems across many industries. Most industries, then, have customers, partners, suppliers and processes in place to deliver products to market. What happens, though, when an industry is unique enough that the general solutions don’t perfectly fit? These cases require a vertical strategy: specific solutions for a single industry.

by Former Member on Jul 12, 2016

SAP Canada Wins Big at Intrapreneurship Program in Berlin

Katherine Ginella2016 marks the second official edition of the Intrapreneurship program. Employees from around the world are encouraged to act as entrepreneurs and transform innovative ideas into profitable businesses in new markets. Canada was the only country with more than one team in the program, with two teams representing SAP Labs Montreal.

by @Katherine Ginella on Jul 6, 2016

Big Ideas on Display at Montreal Innovation Week 3.0

Katherine GinellaSAP Montreal celebrated its third Innovation Week on Monday, May 16. Innovation Week gives employees a full work week away from their desk job to ideate, design and bring to life creative new projects. Three teams participated in Inno-Week 3.0 and with the great success that two teams encountered with the global Intrapreneuship program, the stakes were higher than ever.

by @Katherine Ginella on Jul 5, 2016

Your Backstage Pass: Meet the Office of the Managing Director at SAP Labs Canada

Bev NgHappy Canada Day! Who helps SAP Labs Canada run? And how?Labs Canada is one in a network of fifteen Labs that serve as the research & development hubs for SAP. In the Office of the Managing Director, it’s our job to make sure employees have what they need to do their best work and be at their happiest. Our small and mighty team of seven supports our Labs locations in Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver.

by Former Member on Jul 1, 2016

Developers Workshop Inspires Innovation

Cindy FagenIn Canada we especially like the number 3. 3 oceans surround Canada. Rush is an all Canadian band of 3 amazing rock stars. We have 3 levels of government. 3 of the most liveable cities in the world are in Canada. Canada hosts 3 amazing SAP Labs hubs (Vancouver, Montreal and Ontario (Toronto & Waterloo).

Posted by @Cindy Fagen on Jun 30, 2016

SAP Montreal “Doubles Up” at Design Day 2016

Ziad SlimOn April 22 2016, SAP Montreal hosted its second edition of Design Day. A commitment to great design and elevating the customer’s experience is a cornerstone for many employees at SAP Montreal. Design Day is an opportunity for employees to learn about the newest developments in design strategy, share design experiences and challenges with colleagues from all roles and get hands-on knowledge on how to create great user experiences.

by @Ziad Slim on Jun 28, 2016

SAP Montreal’s University Committee Paves the Way for Long-lasting Partnerships with Universities

Katherine GinellaWith a dynamic ecosystem of five major anglophone and francophone universities, Montreal is one of the most vigorous environments for students in North-America. That’s why, in 2015, a group of passionate SAP Montrealemployees started the University Committee, with a goal of building bridges between SAP and local university talent.

by @Katherine Ginella on Jun 28, 2016

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