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New items are not shown in UWL after upgrade or any change in backend(R/3)


This document helps you to troubleshoot the scenario when the workitem is not seen in UWL which is already available before the upgrade or after change in backend.In some cases the old items will be seen but the new workitems are not seen after upgrade.In such cases the steps need to be checked on the system to find the root causes are:

  • Login to the portal ,launch the UWL iview and select the “Display connection status” as shown in below screen and check all the connector linked with UWL are successful.


  • If any of the connector fails see the message shown in the status and click the error detail and confirm is the workitem missing belong to the failed connector.
  • In some cases clearing the cache and re-registering the respective failing connector will help,as this process will establish the connection again with           backend and fetch the items from backend sbwp.
  • Navigate to System Administration --> System Configuration --> Universal Worklist and Workflow --> Universal Worklist Administration,Select the WebFlowConnector that showing not successful and click on Re-Register
  • Kindly check is the new workitems are available in respective backend sbwp transaction because uwl reflects the sbwp items.
  • If the item not exist in backend sbwp then it is backend issue where the backend workflow needs to be checked why the item not created.
  • After following above steps also if the workitems are not shown collect the log as per the below mentioned KBA by accessing the UWL iview which checks all the connector and writes the related logs

       2261632 - Taking UWL traces [VIDEO]

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