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HANA Space reclaim activity


Dear Friends,

I would like to share my recent experience on HANA space reclaim activity.  This activity can be planned quarterly or half yearly in Support projects.


We had to reclaim 1 TB of space from HANA box.


  • No backup should be running during the activity.
  • There is no downtime required for this activity. It is recommended to plan this activity during off peak hours.
  • If HANA replication is active then please follow one of the below two options.

      1. Apply below parameters. In addition, all the parameters can be set dynamically.

       2. Stop HANA replication and start HANA Space Reclaim.

  • Please refer SAP Note 1999880, Section 19 for more details.


alter system reclaim datavolume 'hostname:port_number ' 120 defragment


It took 20 hours to reclaim 1 TB of space from HANA.



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