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Portal link not opening after SAP Enterprise Portal 7.4 SR2 installation

If you are Installing SAP enterprise portal 7.4 SR2 and installation seems to be successful and while launching the portal  " http://hostname:50000/irj/portal " its not opening. But the start page " http://hostname:50000/start/page is getting launched successfully.

Check the error logs. If while checking the error logs. Below error found in the logs:

Application cannot be started. Reason: it has hard
reference to application, which is not active on the server because application
fails to start with errors. Contact component owners to investigate the problem with application

It means the installation was not completed correctly or there could be some issue during deployment of EP-BASIS and EP-RUNTIME.  Hence the deployment could not take place.

In this case, you can perform all the restart including all the server nodes and check if the issue is gone. If the issue is still there, you can redeploy the EP-BASIS and EP-RUNTIME component as per the note 1715441

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