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Best Practice : Changes in UI

Hi All,

I would like to share few of my experience with UI related changes, hope this will help you to understand inconsistency in solution.

1. When you add new OWL or QAF UI separately and then added into the already existing work center view then you should check the WOC view properties

    Under RBAMData->AssignedObject and remove old UIs and assign new UI.


2. When you create BC view for fine tuning activity, generated default UI's fields are mapped with Enhanced Controller.

   a. After generated BC view if you change the existing definition of BCO( added new field or deleted existing one) then always do metadata update

   b. In case if you have added new field in BCO then after metadata update you can add new field in UI but this new field will have different label binding as compare to default label.

Default Field (already Existing field)New Field Label
Default will have label properties as Overridden TextNew field Label properties will have Backend text

   Field 'Note' was default field in BCview

Added new field with description "New Field"

There is nothing wrong with label property "Backend Text" for newly added field but to avoid inconsistency use the default property "Overridden Text" for newly added field Label.

3.  Before Creating BC view you should have decided that you will not going to delete BC view in future, Because BC view deletion is allowed in maintenance mode, but in fine tuning activity you will still see the link for UI but once you click on link it will not find the UI and give error message.



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