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Additional Checks when the BEx Analyzer is not getting displayed in excel


Hi All,

Please refer to the document attached that addresses the BEx Analyzer not being displayed issue. It has additional information for the issue of BEx Analyzer not seen in ribbon.


Checks to be made when the BEx Analyzer Add-In is not displayed or visible :-

Check 1:

Open the excel options, in the General tab, click on “Choose the extensions you want Excel to open by default”.

Do a “Select All” and Save. (Mainly check if the .xla and macro files are selected)

Check 2:

Open the excel options, in the Customize Ribbon tab, the checkbox for “Add-Ins” should be enabled.

Check 3:
(Seen only in some systems; irrespective of excel version i.e for example seen in Excel 2013 in one system but not in another system with same configuration)

Open the excel options, in the “Add-Ins” tab observe if there is “BExanalyzer” in the Active applications addin.

If the Bexanalyzer is not active, from the manage dropdown choose Excel Addin and click on Go. Now select the Bexanalyzer check box.

Check 4:

Make sure the registry entries for older versions are not found. For example the newly installed version is 740, please check with the registry entries that the registry settings for 730 or 720(older versions) is not present in the regisrty.

Check 5:

Check if the relevant “.Net” version is present in the system. If not please install it and then check.

Check 6:
Make sure the Trust center settings for excel are maintained as per wiki -  Required Excel Settings .
*the above setting is important for Bexanalyzer.

Hope this helps to resolve the issue.

Best Regards,

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