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CRM Mobile Sales and Service

REX 3.4 Salient Features


REX 3.4 is already available to the customers. Please find below the salient features of the release.

  • Compatibility of REX 3.4 with SMP 3.0 SDK
    • This includes the adaptation of the Application to the latest SUP libraries( iOS)

  • UI Review and Enhancement
    • New UI for Android application.

  • Features around Order management.
    • Support of Sales BOM.
    • Navigation to the product details from sales order items
    • Basic Validation in Sales order
    • Sales Order Line item Extensibility
    • Usage of Promotion in sales order
    • Search optionsĀ  in Sales order
    • Return reason in return order
    • Dynamic Partner selection while creating sales order.

  • Enhancements for visit object
    • Ability to add historical visit from the client.
    • Support of attachments in tasks
    • Automatic assignment of default contact in a visit
    • Searching and grouping of unassigned activities
    • Ability to add additional participants to a visit
    • Team Calendar.

  • Enhancements for Accounts
    • Filtering of customers in List and Map views using customer groups
    • Assigning of Marketing attributes from the client
    • Maintaining the contact validity dates from the client.
    • Displaying account relationships in different blocks
    • Assigning favorites to an account and using it perform quick transactions

  • Synchronization
    • Ability to configure Sync profile.
    • Remote configuration of server settings
    • Restrict the download of orders to SUP based on back end configuration.
    • Back-up of un-sync data

  • Survey and Journal usability
    • Ability to deleteĀ  added products from activity journal
    • Filtering and sorting of columns within activity journal
    • Ability to collapse and expand sections of the survey (only for native view, not available for HTML view)

  • Supporting List of Values
    • Sales area relevant transaction types
    • Sales area relevant product attributes

  • Alert Navigation
    • Navigation to the object for which an alert is relevant

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