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Addendum for SUSE Whitepapers and Best Practices - SAP NetWeaver HA


This article will be used to publish some additional informations, corrections and use cases which are not covered by our white papers or best practices published on our SUSE website Best Practices - Resource Library | SAP Applications | SUSE. This article focuses on the solutions around SAP NetWeaver High Availability. Please also have a look at ourSAP on SUSE page here at SCN.

Updated Recommendations

Cluster Configuration for SBD STONITH Device

Since SLE 11 SP4 and SLE12 a new parameter "pcmk_delay_max" has been introduces to minimize the risk of dual fencing in two node clusters.

We now recommend  this new parameter instead of the former "start_delay" option.

primitive sbd_stonith stonith:external/sbd params \
pcmk_delay_max="15" \
op monitor interval="15" timeout="15"

The next update of the best practices and white papers will integrate this new recommendation.