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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

Step-by-Step Guide to install SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform 4.x on Windows OS with Best Practices (PART 2)


This blog is continuation of Part 1 Link :

Step-by-Step Guide to install SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform 4.x on Windows OS with Best Practices (PART 1)

Setting up the Machine (Software requirements)

  • Downloading the correct setup.

     There is always a confusion that WHICH setup to be downloaded from Service Market Place (SMP) since location of the setups are almost same in INSTALLATIONS & UPGRADES / SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHES. So, lets clear the confusion first.

INSTALLATIONS & UPGRADES - This section is used when you are installing the product for the first time on the machine. Therefore this place has all the Full Build setup of the product. So, ideally you only download the setup for one time when its a new installation.

SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHES - This section is used when you wanted to update the existing BI product. So, every time you wanted to update the Service pack or Patch the server you will use this section.

  • Extract the setup first using any extractor. Here I have used Winrar tool to extract the setup.

Here I have downloaded BI 4.2 Sp2 full Build which includes 2 files. One is in EXE and another one is in RAR.

  • Right Click the Part1.exe and click extract files.

  • Choose the location.

  • The extraction will start.

  • More importantly observe that IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY EXTRACT PART 2

  • Users should have Full Control on the extracted folder. You can add it explicitly to avoid any issue for rights.

  • There are many issues which are reported due to the Visual C++ MFC update. Check :  KBA 1902990 - The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect (SideBySide Error Master)
  • Please ensure to install this update on all the windows server even it is Windows Server 2005, 2008, 2012 etc.

  • Install Both 32bit and 64bit updates. Once installed reboot the computer.

  • This is what I have installed on my system.

Installing SAP BI

  • Navigate to the folder and Right click on the setup >> Run as Administrator.

  • Once the installation is Finished ensure you Stop the SIA and then run it from the Service Account .

  • Below are some important points to be checked :
    • Ensure you have FULL Control on the Installation Location i.e. SAP BusinessObjects Folder.  Example : <InstallDir>\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects .
    • Service Account should have Full control to the TEMP Drive of the users profile and Window's Temp Folder.
    • There are hardly any problem in registries but service account should have all privileges to read, write, add, delete the registries in SAP BusinessObjects Keys and Subkeys.

Note : The steps and changes that are covered in this blog is just a reference to install the product smoothly without having any issues from the OS perspective. If Windows admin has done hard coded changes to the policies and on the operating level then may be more changes are required to avoid any issues.

The changes which are covered in both the articles is to help the customer / boadmin to install the product smoothly. Please ensure these changes should be done by the WINDOWS TEAM and SAP is not responsible for making the changes.


Mahak Rathore

Former Member