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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

How to move a database device to a different location ?


Please refer the below steps :

1. Disk mirror duplicates the existing database device to a new location.

2. It is NOT required to initialize the new device using 'disk init' command. The mirror command will add the new device to sysdevices table.

3. After the disk mirror has been done successfully. Please unmirror the primary side of the device. This stops use of the old location and maintains exclusive use of the new location.

4. Use mode 'remove' to permanently remove the primary device.


1.  Enable Mirroring Functionality

1> use master

2> go

1> sp_configure 'disable disk mirroring', 0

2> go

Note: This static parameter is set to '1' (mirroring disabled) by default. Make sure to set it to '0' and reboot ASE.

2.  Issue the disk mirror

1> use master

2> go

1> disk mirror

2> name = "logical_device_name",

3> mirror = "physical_path_new_location.dat"

4> go

3.  After mirror completed, Please issue the unmirror to the primary side as below .

1> disk unmirror

2> name = "logical_device_name",

3> side = "primary",

4> mode = remove

5> go