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SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Commonly faced error messages when connection created thru SMP.

When try to login with SAP BI App to SAP Mobile Platform 2.3.7 SP07, getting the following error. The connection type SMP BOE Connection (Legacy): SUP Connection

"while trying to invoke the method java.util.Map.size() of a null object loaded form local variable 'm'".

When debugged customer environment (SAP BI app  6.3.10 on IPad (IOS 9.2.1) with SMP 2.3.7 environment and Relay Server.

Apparently, customer upgraded their SMP server from 2.3.4 to 2.3.7 and the BI App no longer worked.

They get the following error on their devices:

"while trying to invoke the method java.util.Map.size(0) of a null object loaded from local variable 'm'"

SUP error 552

SUP error 514

We debugged the SMP server, the Relay Server, the RSOE and the company Firewall and there was no incoming request from the device/BI app.

It was possible to open the RElay Server status URL in the Mobile Browser on the device so the connection itself is working but there seems to be something wrong with the app or the settings.

Issue identified due to the SMP libraries not integrated with MoBI client. This case is under investigation, support for these libraries is not yet confirmed.

On creating a new connection using SMP BOE Connection type to a SUP server you may get error code 552. Sybase Unwired error 552 Mobile SUP registration

Solution :

It is possible for the SUP connection to get lost before the upgrade.

In this instance deleting the "application connection" entry in SCC and then re-creating, the connection in BI Mobile resolved the issue.

To delete the "application connection" on your Sybase Unwired Server, follow these steps:

  1. Login to SCC
  2. Go to Application under Servers -> Go to "Application connection"
  3. Delete the "application connection" entry by selecting the checkbox and deleting it
  4. Try to use the connection again in BI Mobile, or delete and re-create the connection to SUP using the SMP BOE Connection type
  5. Logon to the connection in BI Mobile and try again

Logon Error MOB00916 when trying to connect BI Mobile App using MYSAPSSO2 logon ticket

Configure the mobile server for SSO using SAP Logon tickets as outlined in the mobiOS Admin guide:
section 5.6.3 on the ipad,

1.       Import a connection in the Mobi APP in IPAD.
2.       Enter the credentials.
3.       Log on. The error message: "Failed to get SAP Ticket from request (MOB00916)" is displayed,
when trying to connect BI Mobile App using MYSAPSSO2 logon ticket

The domain of the MobileServer is missing in the file.

Follow the below steps to resolves the issue:

1. Open the file
2. Specify the Mobile Server URL with Fully qualified Domain Name in mysso.BOBJ_MOBILE_URL property.
3. Save the property file
4. Delete the existing connection from the device.
5. Import the connection again.
6. Try to Login.

This is specific to the usage of the BI app and SMP 2.3.x.

Facing issue with SAP BI Mobile app when connecting via SMP 3.0 rest connection with SAP SSO connectivity.

Accordingly to the "Mobile Server Deployment and Configuration Guide" for SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 4.1 at
on p.28 this is supported up to SMP 2.3.x but not with SMP 3.0 which is a completely new architecture (except the SMP 3.0 MBO runtime which is the successor of SMP 2.3.x).


There is no official SAP Note about BO Mobile support for SMP 3.0

Check the Relay Server should not be outdated because in 3.0 runtime we only support RS 16.5.x/17.x

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