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SAP PowerBuilder

How to Enable SySam Logging


In order to debug licensing issues with PowerBuilder and InfoMaker, the first step is usually to generate a SySAM log. This log provides details of the exact error that the SySAM license system is hitting when attempting to validate a license.

This log file can be used for both local (un-served) licenses and hosted (served) licenses.

Since there is little documentation on how to create this log (as it is not enabled by default) I have detailed it below.

Step One: Locate your initialization directory

We first need to identify the initialization path where PowerBuilder reads and writes. To find this you can navigate to Tools > System Options and the initialization path is displayed in the first tab.

If you cannot access the Tools menu because the PowerBuilder trial has expired, the default location is C:\users\<username>\appdata\local\sybase\Powerbuilder 12.x. Unless it was manually changed.

Step Two: Edit your pb.ini file

Close PowerBuilder if opened and navigate to the initialization directory found in step one.

Locate your pb.ini file and open it in a basic text editor like Notepad.

Add the line Logsysam=2 under the [PB] section of the file:

Save and close pb.ini.

Step Three: Run PowerBuilder and generate the log

Once step two is complete, start up PowerBuilder once again and close it once it finishes opening (you should still get the license error pop-up at this point).

Then, go back to your initialization path and locate a text file similar to pb12x_sysam.log:

This file will provide the exact error and details as to why the license was not accepted. It is recommended to always provide this log with any licensing issues created for PowerBuilder support as this is usually the first piece of information asked.

Thanks and let me know if you hit any issues in the comments section,

Mike DeHart

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