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Issues While Enhancing Forms/ Reports From SDK

Quite often we encounter issues related to enhancing forms or reports from SDK .

Errors/ Warning Messages/ Issues:

  • Retrieving Print Forms Failed, An Exception Was Raised
  • Retrieving Data Sources Failed Metadata Utility: Could not Find Field YABC_field
  • Forms/ Reports that you have created are missing in the further usage screen.

The steps you will follow will be as follows:

  1. Open the solution in SDK.
  2. Select the .xbo file where you have added the extension field which you want to enhance to the report/ forms .
  3. Right click and select the option Enhance Form/ Enhance Report.
  4. The system will ask you to select the extension field that you want to add.
  5. Select and click on OK. System will take you to the further usage screen of the UI.

You will receive the warning message or you will not be able to find the forms/ reports that you want to enhance.


The reason of this issue is that you have already logged in to the frontend using a different user.

Use Case:

When you log into SDK with the PDI development user e.g. PDI_DEV. In parallel you had opened already a browser session where you have logged in with another userĀ  e.g. KEY_USER in the same system/client that you have logged to SDK.

And now you try to open the Enhance Form screen or Enhance Report screen from the SDK, the browser opens but the cookie used is the cookie from the KEY_USER login and not from the SDK Login (PDI_DEV) user. And the KEY_USER login does not have the authorization to maintain PDI extensions.


You should ensure that you log-in to SDK and UI with same credentials when you try to Enhance form or Enhance Report from SDK to the frontend.

Note: This is the same procedure with the other Enhance scenarios.

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