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SAP Lumira

Connecting to SAP BW and Universes


SAP BusinessObjects Lumira now has an easy way to connect, and perform queries from your SAP BusinessObjects Business Warehouse and Universes.To perform these task, you need to install the pre-configured extensions in Lumira. The reason that these are not installed with the rest of Lumira was because not every Lumira user has a SAP BusinessObject BI Platform, so, to keep the size of the download manageable (it's already over 400mb) we decided to put all the pieces in place to allow users who needed the functionality, to perform a quick install themselves by just clicking a few buttons.

To connect to the BW, or, Universe Query Panel, please insure that the

BW, and Universe Query extensions have been downloaded and installed

(see below).

Select the extension(s) you would like to install, and click the

download icon.

A restart of Lumira is required at this point.

When you try to acquire data now, the BW, and Query Panel connections

will be available.

When an update for Lumira is available, you may have to update the

extensions separately by uninstalling, and reinstalling them. Same

process that you just did essentially.

If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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