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SAP Customer Relationship Management

troubleshooting for delta load issue (CRM -> BW)


After sharing something about full load, we would like share with you about how to check the delta load issue.

Sometimes after loading data from CRM system to BW system using delta load, we find that some of the records are not correct. To check and debug this kind of issue, we need to reproduce it. But how to reproduce the delta load issue? Actually we could reproduce and check this issue in CRM system without loading data to BW system.

Firstly how a delta record is generated? Normally, when creating a document or changing a existing document (I mean, CRM transactions), a Bdoc is generated. And then this Bdoc is sent to the relevant BW queue. Finally we could find the delta record.

To check this kind of issue, a sample document is needed. And then to get the delta record, we need to do some modification to the sample document.

We could change the description of the sample document by transaction code CRMD_ORDER. Alternatively we could also do it in CRM webUI.

After that, go to transaction code RSA7 to check the delta record.

1. If there is no delta record generated, we need to check if there is a Bdoc generated.

If there is no Bdoc generated, we need to resolve the Bdoc issue firstly.

If there is Bdoc generated, we could set breakpoint at function module CRM_UPLOAD_BW_SRV  and check why the bdoc is not sent to BW delta queue.

2. If the content of delta record is not correct, you could use the transaction code RSA3 and check if this issue could also be reproduced by RSA3.

If this issue could also be reproduced by RSA3, you could follow blog troubleshooting for full load issue(CRM -> BW)to check this issue.

If not, please go to transaction code BWA1 and check which segment the affected field gets value from.

And then change the document again, and get the queue name in SMW01, like CSA_ORDER_******. Then in SMQR, deregister the queue.

After that, repeat to change the document, then go to SMW01 to check the content of this Bdoc.

3. If the content of Bdoc is already wrong, we need to do some analysis on the Bdoc generation process by setting breakpoint at CRM_UPLOAD_BUS_TRANS_MSG and do some debugging.

If it is right, set break point at CRM_UPLOAD_BW_SRV and do the further debugging.

4. If you would like to debug the whole process of this issue, you could set breakpoint at CRM_ORDER_SAVE.

Hope this blog could help you.