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SAP Labs Bulgaria Spotlight 2016

SAP Labs Bulgaria: Being Best Employer helps us be innovative in the Cloud

Radoslav Nikolov

Cloud Engineering, Cloud Technologies and Cloud Mindset – these are some of the main priorities of our SAP development center. In the last couple of years SAP Labs Bulgaria is becoming more and more recognizable as а Cloud location. Our company is focused on Cloud and In-Memory technologies, and HANA Cloud Platform is a strategic product for SAP. Within 2015 we strengthened our position as “The Cloud Lab” further in the SAP Labs network.

by @Radoslav Nikolov on May 14, 2016

Student project review: Bluetooth controlled RC car

Pavel GenevskiLast week I was asked to review a graduation project done by Martin Grigorov and Emiliyan Sokolov - two students at the TUES (electronics) high school of Sofia, Bulgaria. Their assignment was to take an RC toy car and turn it into an intelligent, Bluetooth enabled car that can be controlled from an Android phone. Here is an overview of the solution that they implemented.

by Former Member on Jun 9, 2016

SAP Labs Bulgaria: Scholarship program Study iT First

Vesela DimitrovaOne of the priorities of SAP Labs Bulgaria is tohave positive impact on the software development education in Bulgaria and to accelerate the growth of young talents. We are proud of our devoted and enthusiastic colleagues who volunteer to bring value-add topics through seminars, workshops and lectures at prominent Bulgarian schools, universities, conferences and other educational forums.

by @Vesela Dimitrova on Jun 6, 2016

Toastmasters - Where Leaders Are Made

Diana ShtilianovaThe motto of Toastmasters is “Where Leaders are Made” and our club helps us be exactly that – to conquer our own fears and improve ourselves. The main idea behind Toastmasters is that practicing a certain skill over and over will lead to it becoming something natural and instinctive.

by Former Member on Jun 3, 2016

SAP Labs Bulgaria - why we are the best?

Nedyalko YotovIn the following article you will read a short story of one team, made of friends and colleagues from SLB, there difficulties, awards and journey.

by Former Member on Jun 2, 2016

How to Configure a SuccessFactors Extension Application the Easy Way

Mladen TomovSuppose you have a SuccessFactors extension application you want to make available for customers. How would you go about that? Until recently, you would have had a single option – to go through a number of cumbersome manual configuration steps. Now, however, there’s another option. You can install and configure a SuccessFactors extension application in no more than 5 minutes with the help of a few SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK commands.

by Former Member on Jun 1, 2016

How we engage customers

Mladen TomovWith the current article, we would like to share what we in the SAP Environment Management team do to make sure the product we build is meeting the market expectations. Environment management functionality within the SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management application, helps customers meet their statutory obligations for safeguarding the environment effectively.

by Former Member on May 31, 2016

[FLL] Children learn to program with Lego Mindstorms across Bulgaria

Monika Kovachka-DimitrovaFirst Lego League (FLL) is a popular competition for children in the range of 10 to 16 years. It helps not only to build programming and construction skills but also to develop skills to work on a research topic & team work. SAP is globally supporting the following initiative.

by @Monika Kovachka-Dimitrova on May 30, 2016

Accessibility Awareness in SAP Labs Bulgaria

Magdalena Petrova

SAP Labs Bulgaria has organized User Experience (UX) Week locally for the third consecutive year. The UX Week is event with the purpose of spreading and sharing knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm about all things user experience. For the second year in UX Week have been included sessions and events related to accessibility.

by @Magdalena Petrova on May 27, 2016

[Sport day] Promoting health, sport and wellbeing in SAP Labs Bulgaria

Monika Kovachka-DimitrovaFor the 3rdyear in a row we select one of the working Saturdays (special for Bulgarian legislation) to be dedicated on sport activities and wellbeing lectures for our employees.

by @Monika Kovachka-Dimitrova on May 27, 2016

Local session for new Buddies in SAP Labs Bulgaria

Lyuba ZanevaIn SAP Labs Bulgaria we value the role of a Buddy as essential for every new colleague. Besides giving the first clues to the new hire about the company culture, directing the new hire to the Onboarding event place, the Buddy plays the key figure, especially for development during the initial six months of our new colleagues.

by Former Member on May 26, 2016

Pilot edition for Bulgaria of SAP Social Sabbatical for local engagement program

Lili Petkova

The SAP Social Sabbatical for local engagement program is a unique, short term high-impact volunteering offering for SAP employees who work together in cross-functional teams to solve concrete business challenges for non-profit organizations in local markets.

by @Lili Petkova on May 26, 2016

Eclipse Dirigible born in SAP Labs Bulgaria

Nedelcho DelchevSAP Labs Bulgaria is devoted to Open Source. The current trends related to digitalization of the company's business processes and cross-business interactions leads to a massive move to the Cloud.

by @Nedelcho Delchev on May 25, 2016

SAP Back2School: Over 2500 high school students know more about the profession of the software developer

Lili PetkovaIn 2015 we launched our initiative SAP Back2School. Its aim is our colleagues to volunteer and visit the high schools they have graduated from. During their visit they tell the current students more about the profession of the software developer. By their personal example they could help the students in their choice for future career development.

by @Lili Petkova on May 20, 2016

SAP Startup Focus Program presented for the first time in Bulgaria

Lili PetkovaSAP Startup Focus is a global program helping promising startups in the big data, predictive and real-time analytics space build applications on the SAP HANA platform and accelerate the go-to-market. Over the last 3+ years, SAP Startup Focus has engaged with more than 2600 innovative startups and brought 200 of their validated solutions to market.

by @Lili Petkova on May 20, 2016

SAP d-kom Sofia 2016: Bigger, broader, better – more impressive than ever!

Lili PetkovaThe first day of March this year came with our annual Development kick-off meeting. SAP d-kom Sofia was again the place to learn, network and celebrate innovation for all the colleagues in Labs Bulgaria.

by @Lili Petkova on May 18, 2016

[interview with Pancho Karamanski] Software accessibility testing has two sides

Lili PetkovaPancho Karamanski is an Accessibility tester in SAP Labs Bulgaria. Since Pancho is sightless he has a lot of experience with software as a user himself because he uses only accessible software. He shares more about his job at SAP.

by @Lili Petkova on May 18, 2016

SAP Labs Bulgaria: Watering the Roots

Petio PetevTechnology advances faster than a person could digest. We create software pushed by deadlines, pushed by competitors, pushed by stakeholders. We constantly look ahead, learn new things, go to conferences and trainings, teach developers to the new needs around development and operation in the cloud.

by Former Member on May 17, 2016

CO2 Monitoring in SAP Labs Bulgaria

Petio PetevWe spend a lot of time indoors. According to more and more studies this makes us less productive due to the increased level of carbon dioxide in closed office rooms. And indeed asking yourself the simple question “Where was the last place I invented something?” – the majority of people would find that it was somewhere outside of their workplace.

by @Vladimir Savchenko on May 17, 2016

Education activities at SAP Labs Bulgaria for Q1 2016

Vesela DimitrovaFor the past quarter SAP Labs Bulgaria executed a big number of events with an effort to educate and expose new bright minds to SAP’s unique technologies and culture. We are happy to see that SAP brings new technology and motivates students to work harder for their personal development.

by @Vesela Dimitrova on May 10, 2016

[with the support of SAP] Robotics Lab in Sofia High School for Mathematics

Lili PetkovaA special room for robo activities was opened in Sofia High School of Mathematics. The Robotics Lab was constructed and designed with the support of SAP. This is yet another initiative in Bulgaria, which aims to stimulate students' interest in science and technology activities through robotics and LEGO Robotics.

by @Lili Petkova on Apr 19, 2016

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