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Sentiment Media Mix of SAP Hybris Marketing in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

The story Sentiment Media Mix can be used by Customers, using SAP Hybris Marketing with an on-Premise deployment which is connected to BusinessObjects Cloud to their solution as described in the blog Using SAP BusinessObjects Cloud with SAP Hybris Marketing

In order to make use of the sample story, follow the steps 1 - 4 of the corresponding chapter Getting Started in BusinessObjects Cloud to create a Live Data Connection to a SAP HANA used for SAP Hybris Marketing.

In particular one has to consider the following additional aspects:

  • Name the connection YMKT as it is referred in the deployment file containing our story and model.
  • Import the deployment file into BusinessObjects Cloud as described in the document
  • After importing the file open the story in BusinessObjects Cloud by choosing the menu entry Story, and select the Sentiment Media Mix one.
  • To see data in the charts one must have available data for interactions with our delivered communication media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

The needed file can be downloaded from here.

Note, technically is the given example based on the SAP HANA view CA_SE_INTERACTION_ANALYSIS, schemaName: "_SYS_BIC", packageName:


Note, that as prerequisite you need at least SAP Hybris Marketing with Release 1605.

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