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How to import a story with dependent model into the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

To create an import in Business Objects Cloud, you select a file for upload, preview and confirm your choice, finalize the items and options for import, and then initialize the import.


  1. In the menu choose Deployment followed by Import.
  2. In the Import window, choose Upload.


    3.    In the Upload dialog, select Upload from Local File, choose Select Source File, and browse for the file you want to upload.

    4.    Select OK.

    5.    In the Preview dialog, check that the file is what you want to upload, and then choose Upload.

           A New window opens that lists the content of the upload. For example, a KPI upload contains data on the affected dimensions, model, and story.

    6.    If required, amend the import by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes for the listed content.

    7.    Choose Import to start the import.

    8.    A new windows opens and you can select the following import options:

  • Update existing object
  • Import data only
  • Drop dependent objects

    9. Choose OK to finalize the import.

A progress bar at the top of the window shows how the import is being processed.

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