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ANN: SAP GUI for Java 7.40 rev 8 available for download

Hi all,

SAP GUI for Java 7.40 rev 8 is now available for download.

Enhancements and New Features

  • Support for New OS Versions:
    • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Logon Langauge:
    • When specifying a language in a connection, now this parameter gets handled immediately when opening the connection instead of later as part of the logon screen. This way, also the logon screen is displayed in the requested language and setting the language also works in cases, when the logon screen is automatically skipped.


  • Enhanced Search:
    • When editing the search string and hitting return, in special cases an endless loop caused the process to hang.
  • Grid Control:
    • Grouping cells could result in wrong content to be displayed.
    • The undo of inserting a new row could cause an ABAP dump.
    • Adding a new row in an empty grid could cause an ABAP dump.
    • Icons sometimes have been displayed in adjacent cells with hidden text.
    • In case inconsistent table content has been set by the application, an ABAP dump could happen. A workaround has been implemented to prevent sending back unexpected data to the application.
  • Html Control:
    • An issue with the encoding of POST data has been solved.
  • Desktop Integration:
    • URLs already encoded have been encoded again. This has caused displaying URLs in an external browser in those cases to fail.

For details please refer to the manual (chapter "6.2 Release Notes and System Requirements" and "2. Installation") of the PlatinManual and SAP note 2059424.

Please use the latest Java 8 update, because some known issues in older versions related to the Html control component have been addressed.

Planning information

SAP GUI for Java 7.30 is no longer supported. Therefore please upgrade to SAP GUI for Java 7.40.

For migrating your landscape configuration, please refer to the SAP UI Landscape Configuration Guide.

Best regards

Rolf-Martin Wörsinger

P.S. For feedback and questions, please post a new thread.

In case you want to report an issue, preferably create a support message on component BC-FES-JAV.

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