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Detailed description for Solution



From 1605 release a new field known as "Detailed Description" is added in the "Create Solution" window.
This field has length restriction of 255 characters and should contain information about the functionality of the solution, this is a mandatory field.

Prior to 1605 only "Description" field was available , this had length restriction of 60 characters.

In 1605 both the fields "Description" and "Detailed Description" are available.

Also there is another field added known as "KeyWords" with length restriction of 60 characters, this is an optional field.

For existing solution you could <Right click> on the solution to check the field "Detailed Description".

Once you create a solution or for existing solution you cannot edit this field since it is disabled in the edit mode, in the future release it will be made editable:

Thanks, Pradeep.

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