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List of Trusted RFC return codes


The purpose of this document is to list the error codes that can be returned during a trusted RFC connection, including the meaning of each return code.


A trusted RFC was configured between two ABAP systems.

However, something is not correct at this setup, causing an error while such trusted connection is being used.

Such error is usually observed at a "CALL_FUNCTION_SINGLE_LOGIN_REJ" dump (transaction ST22).


Fix the incorrect settings related to the trusted setup.

Knowing the meaning of the return codes can help identifying what needs to be fixed.

  • The possible return codes for the "trusted system" (T-RC) are:

0 Correct logon via trusted system.
1 No trusted system entry for the caller system "<SID> " with the installation number " ", if this exists, or the security key entry for system "<SID> " is invalid.
2 User "<user ID> " does not have RFC authorization (authorization object (S_RFCACL) for user "<user ID> " with client <client>.
3 The time stamp of the logon data was invalid.

  • The possible return codes for the "logon procedure" (L-RC) are:

0 USER_OKLogin was correct
1 USER_NOT_ALLOWEDUser or password incorrect
2 USER_LOCKEDUser locked
3 STOP_SESSIONToo many attempts to log on
5 BAD_BUFFERError in the authorization buffer
6 CUA_MASTER_RECORDNo external user check
7 BAD_USER_TYPEInvalid user type
8 USER_NOT_VALIDValidity of user exceeded
9 SNC_MAPPING_MISMATCHUser does not correspond to SNC name
10 SNC_REQUIREDSecure connection required
11 SNC_NAME_NOT_IN_ACLUser not found in USRACL(EXT)
12 SNC_SYST_NOT_IN_ACLSystem not found in USRACL(EXT)
13 SNC_MAPPING_NO_MATCHNo matching user found
14 SNC_MAPPING_AMBIGUOUSMultiple user matches found
20 TICKET_LOGON_DISABLEDLogon process deactivated
21 TICKET_INVALIDData received not SSO ticket
22 TICKET_ISSUER_NOT_VERIFIEDDigital signature not verified
23 TICKET_ISSUER_NOT_TRUSTEDTicket issuer not trusted
24 TICKET_EXPIREDTicket expired
26 TICKET_WITH_EMPTY_USERIDTicket coontains an empty User ID
30 X509_LOGON_DISABLEDSnc/extid_login_diag = 0
31 X509_BASE64_INVALIDCert not base64-encoded
32 X509_INVALID_SERVERX.509 not provided by ITS
33 X509_HTTPS_REQUIREDCert not transferred via SSL
34 X509_MAPPING_NO_MATCHNo matching account
35 X509_MAPPING_AMBIGUOUSMultiple matching accounts
40 EXTID_LOGON_DISABLEDsnc/extid_login_diag = 0
41 EXTID_MAPPING_NO_MATCHNo matching account
42 EXTID_MAPPING_AMBIGUOUSMultiple matching accounts
50 PASSWORD_LOGON_DISABLEDlogin/disable_password_logon
51 PASSWORD_IDLE_INITlogin/password_max_idle_init
53 PASSWORD_ATTEMPTS_LIMITEDLock counter exceeded
54 PASSWORD_IDLE_PRODlogin/password_max_idle_prod
100 CLIENT_NOT_EXISTClient does not exist
101 CLIENT_LOCKEDClient locked
200 MULTIPLE_RFC_LOGONlogin/disable_multi_rfc_login

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