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New notes to optimize the performance of the event processing in SAP TM


Recently some notes have been released to optimize the performance of the event processing (execution information processing) and the event propagation:

  • 2297480: Performance improvement for processing execution information
  • 2290597: Performance optimization in event propagation
  • 2305405: Performance improvement for setting status on item and stop levels
  • 2311083: Unnecessary update of follow up documents in case of irrelevant freight unit changes
  • 2312704: Minor performance optimizations in event propagation between freight documents

The notes are available for SAP TM 9.1 and later releases.

In addition, a new feature is available in SAP EM to potentially reduce the number of processes needed in SAP TM to process events significantly. For scenarios in which event messages are processed in a mass enabled way in SAP EM and therefore multiple event messages have to propagated to SAP TM in one LUW this document should be definitely be checked: Post Processing Activity to boost performance of EM - TM integration

Cheers, Daniel

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