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SAP Labs Ireland Spotlight 2016

SAP Labs Ireland: Two Decades of Customer Service & Support and all Things Analytics

In SAP Ireland, over 40 lines of business with colleagues from over 50 nationalities offer key and diverse areas of Service and Support to customers. The Customer is at the heart of everything we do and bearing in mind over 70% of our employees interact with a customer every day, learning is also key to our success.

written by Liam Ryan
posted by Former Member on Apr 5, 2016

Pharmaceutical Industry and MaxAttention Next Generation - CoE hybris Ireland

Cindy FagenOur customer in the Pharmaceutical Industry wants to build the ideal ordering platform so customers can serve patients well. They chose SAP hybris and MaxAttention Next Generationto achieve this transformation of their B2B solution.

written by Sheila Quinn

by Former Member on May 3, 2016

SAP Ireland Labs Is Home to Digital Sales

Cindy Fagen

SAP has one of the most successful Commercial Sales Operations (formerly known as Inside Sales) in the Digital World today. A forerunner of innovation, SAP’s Commercial Sales hub in Dublin is responsible for the UK & Ireland market.

written by Bernardine Kelly

posted by Former Member on May 2, 2016

Agricultural Industry and MaxAttention Next Generation Success - CoE hybris Ireland

Cindy Fagen

Together with our customer in the Agricultural Industry we embarked on a new journey to co-engineer the most complete and consolidated Omni-Channel Commerce solution possible with MaxAttention Next Generation.

written by Sheila Quinn

posted by Former Member on May 2, 2016

Returning Interns to SAP Labs Ireland - Interview

Cindy Fagen

An inspiring interview by SAP Labs Ireland intern where he shares his first experience at SAP, as well as gives advice for current SAP interns or graduates.

written by James Prendergast

posted by Former Member on Apr 29, 2016

GIRLSmarts: Where are all the girls?

Jennifer KeaneMy name is Jennifer Keane, and I want to tell you about this awesome program that SAP are running for the second time in 2016 – GIRLSmarts.

by Former Member on Apr 22, 2016

Global PE Practice (PE Team) SAP Ireland

Cindy Fagen

The Global PE Practice (PE Team) in Ireland was setup in 2011 with a small number of team members and has since grown to 21 colleagues. Although we are a relatively new team the level of SAP experience in the team on average is 12 years.

written by David O'Driscoll

posted by Former Member on Apr 22, 2016

Business Women's Network in SAP Ireland

Cindy Fagen

With SAP's clear strategy on increasing numbers for women working in SAP as well as women in a SAP management position, one of the many ways to support this is the employee-driven Business Women's Network (BWN).

written by Nadine Stille

posted by Former Member on Apr 22, 2016

Another Good Year for the SAP Galway Community Involvement Forum

Cindy Fagen2015 was another good year for the SAP Galway CIF. Our nominated charity of choice was the Saving Grace Trust. This Trust was set up to help 10 year old Grace Kennealy receive the treatment she requires for a life threatening cancer.

written by Hayden Simpson

posted by Former Member on Apr 21, 2016

Are SAP Ireland Interns Getting Younger?

Cindy FagenIn my new role as CoOp Learning Coordinator in 2015, I started to receive a lot of external requests from“Irish Mammies” looking for Transition Year (TY) placements at SAP for their sons. Funnily, there were was a complete absence of requests from “Irish Dads” for their daughters.

written by Alan Fahey

posted by Former Member on Apr 18, 2016

Once upon a time, there was one audit - The Short Story of GLAS

Cindy FagenAudits, licenses, revenue – buzzwords every GLAS team member knows too well: Global License Auditing Services has been one of the major backbones of SAP for years. In 1995, license auditing was introduced to determine our customers’ software usage.

written by Lina Mickel

posted by Former Member on Apr 11, 2016

D-shop Dublin demo - Temperature Exceedance Warning and Prediction System

Cindy FagenThe first d-shop Dublin demo was presented at the Michael Kleinemeier All-Hands Demo on Mon 7 March, 2016. The video captures the team's progress from intial planning and evolving the design to the final presentation at the All-Hands meeting.

written by Colin Scuffins

posted by Former Member on Apr 11, 2016

License Auditing from the inside: Talking to Alessandra Ferruzzi

Cindy FagenHaving just achieved another best ever first quarter, Global License Auditing Services (GLAS) is on a roll. Credit for that success goes to the GLAS staff, of which the largest team is based in Galway, Ireland.

written by Linda McNamara

posted by Former Member on Apr 8, 2016

SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps – Fáilte

Cindy FagenThe SAP Enterprise Support & Preferred Care Ireland team is strongly supporting the SAP strategy to scale and simplify through the SAP Enterprise Support Academy’s value map program.With a strong program management office and topic expert presence here on the Emerald Isle, we are supporting the success of this program on a global level.

written by Caroline Conlon

posted by Former Member on Apr 5, 2016

My Experience of Africa Code Week: Egypt

Tommy BuckleyAs part of my Co-Operative Learning Internship at SAP Ireland I was fortunate enough to be chosen to participate as a Mentor in the pilot of Africa Code Week in Alexandria, Egypt facilitated by SAP, and Galway Education Centre.

by Former Member on Mar 31, 2016

Advanced Analytics Mission - Reimagining the Predictive Experience

Jayanta RoyThe Advanced Analytics mission is to help companies improve their bottom line by making their business processes and apps better with predictive techniques. Here are the key concepts of our approach...

by @Jayanta Roy on Mar 30, 2016

Meet the Advanced Analytics team from SAP Labs Ireland

Colin Scuffins

The Advanced Analytics team in the Dublin offices of SAP Labs Ireland are responsible for the creation and extension of next-gen analytics software, such as SAP Predictive Analytics.

by @Colin Scuffins on Mar 30, 2016

Bowling Over Our Customers: Advanced Analytics Chief Data Scientist, Dr Paul Pallath

Colin ScuffinsThe Advanced Analytics Organisation at SAP Labs Ireland is fortunate to have an extremely accomplished Chief Data Scientist & Director in Dr Paul Pallath.

by @Colin Scuffins on Mar 29, 2016

The Nuts & Bolts of SAP Predictive Analytics Video Series

Orla CullenIn this blog we want to introduce "The Nuts & Bolts of SAP Predictive Analytics" YouTube Video Series. In this series Former Member, @Priti Mulchandani and I have created a number of short 2-3 minute videos to highlight some important predictive use cases.

by @Orla Cullen on Mar 29, 2016

SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5 Now Generally Available!

Ashish MorzariaMarch is an exciting time for people all around the world – for many, it means winter is melting into spring and Easter (along with the requisite holidays, chocolate eggs, and of course bunnies) are just around the corner. For our hardworking SAP Predictive Analytics team, it is also a time of celebration as we have just announced the general availability of SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5!

by Former Member on Mar 21, 2016

Big Data : Native Spark Modeling in SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5

Cindy FagenApache Spark is the most popularApache open-source project till date and it has become catalyst for adoption of big data infrastructure. Spark uses in-memory technology and offers high performance for complex computation processes such as Machine Learning, Streaming Analytics and Graph engine.

by @Priti Mulchandani on Mar 18, 2016

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