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SAP S/4HANA Utilities: Operational Analytics


The SAP S/4HANA 1511 FP stack 02 has been released.

What's In It For Utilities?

Utilities customers can benefit from a Virtual Data Model for Analytics in specific areas of SAP S/4HANA Utilities.

The Virtual Data Model is a structured representation of Core Data Service (CDS) views.

Business users can use the example queries provided by SAP to get answers to questions from their daily business about the status of the device roll-out and device inspection processes, or about the consistency and completeness of the billing process:

  • How many and what type of devices are installed?
  • How many and which devices are to be replaced?
  • How many invoices are missing?
  • How many billing / invoicing documents have been outsorted?

Here's an overview of the example queries and the KPIs they provide:

KPIQuery View

Device Management

Installed devicesQuery for Installed Device
Installed advanced metersQuery for Installed Device
Billing-related installed devicesQuery for Billing-Related Installed Device
Billing-related installed device information recordsQuery for Billing-Related Installed Device Information Record
Technically installed devicesQuery for Technically Installed Device
Devices in stockQuery for Device Stock Information
Devices to be replaced / Devices in periodic replacement listQuery for Forecasting the Periodic Replacement of Devices
Devices to be replaced / Removed devicesQuery for Periodic Replacement List for Devices


Billable / non-billable billing ordersQuery for Billing Order For Contract
Billing documents ready for invoicingQuery for Actual Billing Document
Outsorted billing documentsQuery for Outsorted Billing Document Basic Data
Reversed billing documentsQuery for Reversed Billing Document


Invoicing ordersQuery for Invoicing Order for Scheduled Billing Date

Invoiced invoices due in the current month

Overdue invoices

Outsorted invoicing documents

Posted invoicing documents

Printed invoicing documents

Reversed invoicing documents

Simulated invoicing documents

Sum of total amount of invoicing documents

Query for Invoicing Document

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