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SAP Cloud Applications Studio

Datasource with Date type field as keyfigure


Starting from 1605 release, you could select Date type Business Object element as key figure in the Datasource.

In the below example element PhaseProcessingPeriod/StartDate on Standard Business Object Opportunity has been selected as Key figure.

1. Select a Business Object:

2. Select elements:

Date type element selected in the "Data Source Fields" tab will be created as characteristic.

Ex: PhaseProcessingPeriod/StartDate selected in this tab will be created as characteristic.

3. Option to select Date type field as Keyfigure:
Enabling the "Date Key Figure" checkbox would make the selected date type field as key figure.
In this case PhaseProcessPeriod/StartDate would be created as key figure.

4. Complete the datasource wizard and create report.

Advanatage of having Date type field as Characteristic is you could use it for in the Report filter:
In the below example PhaseProcessingPeriod/StartDate characteristic is used for filtering:

Note: Characeristic type is in sorted descending order which doesn't show correct result

Advantage of having Date type field as Keyfigure is sorting works fine compared to characteristic type:

Here Keyfigure PhaseProcessingPeriod/StartDate is sorted descending and the result is correct:
Compare this with the characteristic sorting.

Additional points:

1. Selecting date type element as keyfigure is only available from 1605 Release

2. To select data type as keyfigure, it is necessary to select it as characteristic in the "Data source fields" tab

3. This feature is only available for Date type field and not DateTime type field

4. Aggregation type Summation cannot be selected for Date type key figure

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Thanks, Pradeep.