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Customer Merge : Manage Duplicate Customer Records in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Customer master data is often one of the key assets for any company. It is not only a repository of structured customer data which has been enriched over a period of time but also plays a very important role as it interacts with almost every transactional data in any enterprise application.

Lack of consolidated view of customer data across all channels can lead to failure in capitalizing on large marketing opportunities. Additionally customer transactions are compromised due to limited view of customer facts resulting in lost sales or poor service delivery thus lowering the ROI on CRM investments.

Inconsistent customer data can also impede critical innovation initiatives and result in compromised business dynamics with negative impact on managing resources effectively.

With the intent to build robust master data management capabilities for Account / Individual Customer / Contact with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, we have now introduced account merge capability within the solution with 1602 release .The primary use cases which we focused on are as follows :-

  • There are multiple duplicate records for the same customer in C4C and this may results in various inconsistencies in the system.
  • Master data team would like to merge duplicate records and create a golden record from the duplicates.
  • It is also expected that the open transactions assigned to the duplicate record should be reassigned to the golden record (in case there are any open lead/opportunity).

From 1602 release, we have introduced a new customer merge feature which will enable data management teams to handle duplicate records by merging them into a golden record.

The attached account merge document covers the following:

  • Highlights of the three phases of account merge process
  • New Data Cleansing work Center and step by step process description for account merge
  • Status management during account merge
  • Node handling descriptions for nodes in account such as relationships, territories, etc.
  • Transaction management for tickets, sales orders, leads etc. associated with an account
  • FAQs

Please download and refer to the document on wiki

SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer : MDM- : Customer Merge - CRM - SCN Wiki