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SAP Hana EIM Connection Scenario Setup - part 3


Twitter adapter setup

In order to replicate and consume content into Hana from twitter, I need to create a “Twitter apps” from the developer space (

From the documentation link click on “Manage my Apps”

It will lead you to the application management page and click on the “Create New App” button

Provide the necessary information, accept the license term and hit click on the “create your Twitter application” at the bottom of the page

The application now create, four information will be required in order to create the remote connection with Hana:

  • Consumer Key (API Key)
  • Consumer Secret (API Secret)
  • Access Token
  • Access Token Secret

From the created application page click on the “keys and Access Tokens”

From the page note the two keys for the consumer

And from the bottom of the page create the access token to generate them

Now completed I need to register my adapter and create my new connection in Hana

Real time table replication

All my remote source connection are now created I can proceed with table replication, for my test lab I have created the same table to replicate in all remote source database named “Store”


For MS SQL when you setup the database to use “Change Data Capture” to track change, you need to specify on which table you want the track to encore

From the Workbench editor create we need to create the replication task and uncheck “initial load”


I earlier ran the “oracle_init.sql” script with the default user LR_USER for the replication, I did create my “store” table which belong to this user for the replication

From the workbench repeat the procedure to create a replication task and uncheck “initial load”

For DB2, Teradata and ASE, from the workbench repeat the procedure to create a replication task and uncheck “initial load”

Once the replication is working you can check the task from the “DP Provisioning Task Monitor”


For Twitter replication when the remote connection is created two table should appear, the one I will use for my tweet replication is the “status” table

From the workbench I start to setup the live replication and check the replication task

From the studio, I can see the content of the table which contain all the tweets and news

Replicate information for the status table bring a lot of element, for my test I create a tweet on my tweeter page and see if this one appear in the tale

And I can see my tweet in the table

The next step now is to filter my content, I’ll create additional tweet and filter the replication on them only

In order to filter, from the workbench apply a filter on “ScreenName” column, basically the screen name value should be your account name.

And refresh my status table

My HomeLab replication is now completed.

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