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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins

How to implement a Customer specific solution for Cloud for Customer – Sample Implementation using ECC Mashup and SAP Cloud Application Studio solution

After the recent upgrade of the SAP Best-Practices for SAP Cloud for Customer integration package, the How-to guides with sample code, for implementing a customer specific solution for C4C have been removed from the package. Instead you can now find these guides below.

These two guides together cover a business case in Service scenario, where in a customer can create a ERP order in the C4C work ticket UI and later search for the Order and assign it to the C4C work ticket.

More details regarding the how-to guides are as follow:

  • Integration of SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP ECC using mash-ups :

Enables bi-directional communication between SAP Cloud for Customer system and an ECC system via Mash-Ups. The guide contains sample code that you can use as reference when you are creating your own mash-ups, using a service scenario (ECC sales order creation) as example. This guide was last tested with C4C 1511 release but should work with the next releases as well.

  • Configuration of a customer specific C4C solution using the Cloud Application Studio (aka PDI):

Describes how to configure a customer specific solution using the SAP Cloud Applications Studio (Partner Development Infrastructure) for SAP Cloud for Customer. The example scenario covered in this guide describes the necessary steps to enable ECC sales order search within SAP Cloud for Service by embedding a new UI view in SAP Cloud for Customer. The example code is available here on SCN: The guide was last tested with C4C 1511 release but should work with the next releases as well.


Since it is not allowed to upload word documents in SCN, they are available in the following mobile documents link: