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SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

IBP Partner/Sales Enablement Webinar: IBP for sales and operations Q&A

Please find below the Questions & Answers for the SAP Integrated Business Planning Partner/Sales Enablement Webinar on SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations on April 1, 2016.  The slides and replay for this webinar will be posted here:

Answered Questions (66)


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5. Will we receive this presentation deck thru Partner portal ?

You'll find the recordings and presentations for all the IBP Partner/Sales Enablement Webinars here:

18. Can we have Demand Sensing & Supply Planning in one Planning area ?

Yes.all can be in one single/unified plannig area. RDS is already out for that

24. Can the process under Demand Review be further customised, say I want to add one more process called Marketing review, is it possible?

Yes.. The process dashboard is defined by the user.

25. Is there any word on integrating to other corporate social portals like Yammer?

No. Only JAM is supported

27. We can do similar comparision in APO - How IBP has advantage over APO DP ?

Please ask your question during Webinar #4 - Demand (on May 3rd).

28. Can we select the planning level now which running forecasting ?

Yes. you can select the level and the results will be disaggregated to base planning level

29. Is the demoing system version IBP5?


30. Can we have Forecast model run at a particular  planning Level?


31. In the demand planner view, are the changes done in quantities or values?

The changes can be done in Values or Qty. This depends on how you want to configure

32. Is it possible to do changes in the sales forecast view directly in values (i.e. USD)?

Yes. It is possible to change directly in values. It will disaggregate appropriately

33. Raghav is demoing using an IBP release 6.1 system

34. Can I execute a statistical forecast run in IBP for S&OP?

Yes. Stat fcsting for basic techniques such as moving average, single, double and triple exponential smoothing is s


35. What tool IBP supports to enable Product Planning/review - There is no Life cycle planning like APO is available in IBP.

IBP for demand has on roadmap Life Cycle Planning

36. We can input additional quantity with forcast as part of Promotional planning like in APO, is there any plan to have tools for promotional planning in future?

There are plans for integrating IBP with Promotion planning application

38. Any roadmap on realignment functionality, similar to APO-DP?

Realignment is on roadmap.

39. Are you planning to incorporate Promotional Planning also in IBP?

Promotional Planning can be modeled. SAP2 model has example. In addition, there is also plan to provide integration content for integrating with Promotional planning application

40. Forecast models do not have a provision to provide the planning level directly, So were do we provide it ?

This is different in IBP 5.x and beyond as compared to IBP 4.0 release

41. There is no Distribution Planning in IBP Supply - Like we do deployment+TLB in APO...any future plan?

Deployment is on roadmap. TLB is not part of IBP. You can find more info in Response and Supply webinar

42. what is the recommendation for existing APO customer.. will APO be sunsey by 2025

APO will not be "sunset" by 2025. SAP has committed to continue standard maintenance for APO and SAP Business Suite through at least 2025.

43. Cross Bucket calculations for cummilative sum or average of past buckets or future buckets , how is this made possible ( other than usage of attribute transformation)?

This depends on your actual requirement. some can accomplished via config some via L-code. L-code can only be developed and maintained by SAP

44. When will IBP be compatible with Office 2016?

It is compatible now, but not officially supported. It is being thoroughly tested now.

45. can profitability of make or buy decision also be simulated ?

Yes..You can create multiple scenarios to evaluate Make vs Buy decisions

46. i was asking on the lines on how we can make a default planning level run for forecast model

Can you please ask your question via audio to clarify?

48. is it possible to highlight your bottlenecks?

You can run Unconstrained Heuristic to propagate demand and load resources to see Overload situations. You can create alerts to highlight Overloads

49. management by exception?

I'm not sure what your question is, but yes, you can do management by exception.

50. Do we have Finite heuristics " method:Complete_Finite" available in 6.x?

Complete Finite was in Beta and is now Obsolete

51. Is optimization functionality available for customers, who have only S&OP module license?

Optimizer is part of IBP for response and supply only.

52. For Supply planning in S&OP what are the options available? Are they available as planning operators or is there any provision to create profiles similar to forecast profiles?

Supply Planning algorithms are available as Planning operators. You can create your own SCM Planing operators with desired paramters. Optimizer and Unconstrained Heuristics

53. How can we level overload ? Is capacity levelling similar to APO-SNP planned in future roadmap ?

Optimizer is one option to level load and create feasible plan. Capacity Leveling is on road-map

You can also do manual leveling which is always an option. In additon there is Constrained Supply Propagation algorithm which will come in 2016

54. Is there a general recomendation of 20 keyfigures for planning area as we have in SAPO APO DP aproach?

There are recommendations. You can look at the performance related SAP Notes:

Customers typically have between 200-250 key figures in the first phase of the IBP project

55. What is the Roadmap for IBP Certification

There are IBP Education courses available:

56. Can we now have authorization specific to master data ?

Its already available in IBP 4.0

57. I saw telescoping time buckets for the first time in IBP 6

Its on Roadmap..

58. What is the position from SAP about IBP on Premise Roadmap?

At this time, there are no definitive plans to provide SAP IBP for an on premise deployment. For more information, please see our Product Roadmaps at .

59. How are the CVCs created or populated?

Typically through HANA Cloud Integration (HCI).

60. During the Demand Review, some adjustments to the consensus plan have been made at aggregated product family. How are these quantities disaggregated back to product/customer level?

Quantities are disaggregated based on how you have selected the disagg option for the Key figure.

61. Will telescoping time buckets be part of S&OP as well or currently it is only planned for response planning ?

This will be IBP feature..

62.: in IBP5.0, as of now, only four algorithms are allowed for forecasting, will 6.0 have more algorithms included?

IBP for demand has many more forecasting techniques. You can check the help

63. Is data integration to Ariba via HCi currently avaiable?

IBP to Ariba integration is not available.

64. Can we have this Q&A as transcript?

Hi Harshil, we cannot share the Q&A transcript with participants.

65. How is master data handled between ECC and IBP? Do we need to manually update the master data to IBP ? Does IBP support CIF interface?

HCI can be used.

66. Is IBP solution only available in the cloud? Or is is possible to set a landscape local?

Only On-demand

Open Questions


107. Very important question on IBP S&OP, Cross Periodictiy calculations are extremely constrained and there is not flexibility in the process to define calculations. Can you please state the best practices that are currently there in IBP for advanced and/or simple calculations across different periods?

119. the planning level selection in excel UI is different like how raghavs showing

121. How are Versions different from Scenarios ?

122. Is is possible to use the DP-BOMs functions, like in APO, in order to obtain dependent forecast based on a fixed quotation?

123. I would like to restrict master data, for example products specific to certain location ? Currently if I give authorzation, he can see all product. Is that possible in IBP 4.0 ?

124. how can be planner ensure that the modified stat forecast quantity (firmed stat forecast), can;t be change by any stat forecast model batch run ..

125. Has IBP the same funcionatlity to create a "sales history Index average" and after that disaggregate a new "demand volume" based on this sales history Index as SAP APO DP aproach?

126. Will CTM enter on the roadmap for IBP?

127. The Ariba integration talked about is specific to S&OP or IBP in general

130. Is is possible to use the DP-BOMs functions, like in APO, in order to obtain dependent forecast based on a fixed quotation?

131. is the dashboard capability IBP 6.0 any different from 4.0?

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