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SAP Labs India Spotlight 2016

SAP Labs India – A Journey of Experimentation and Innovation

Dilipkumar KhandelwalSAP Labs India is SAP's second largest Research & Development center outside the headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. Founded in November 1998 with a small team, we have now grown into a massive location of approximately 6,500 employees spread across 3 main locations – Bangalore, Gurgaon and Pune.
by Former Member on Jan 25, 2016

Enhancements to Document Generation - Employee Central in 1511

Linda Yao

In continuation to the previous blogs would like to share the exciting news related to enhancements made to Document Generation functionality in release 1602.

by @Priyanka Porwal on Feb 8, 2016

Document Generation Usability Testing at UKISUG

Linda Yao

We were delighted when SuccessFactors Employee Central's feature Document Generation was shortlisted as one of the five Usability Testing topics to be tested by different stakeholders like SAP Customers, Prospects, Partners and Consultants in UK & Ireland SAP User Group Conference 2015, Birmingham, UK.

by Former Member on Feb 7, 2016

From Logs to Riches. An Athlete's Profile

Linda Yao

MachoMan. The Hulk. DemiGod. These are names that are synonymous with SAP's very own super hero, Vishwanatha Ganiga. To call this young man a “weightlifter” is a gross understatement, for Vishwanatha is a university, national and international powerlifting champion, national powerlifting record holder and Jerai Classic Strongman. All this at the young age of 25.

by @Manjunath Gopadi on Feb 5, 2016

The Spirit of One SAP

Linda Yao

Working together with customers, understanding their needs and pain points regarding our products is an extremely exciting and valuable task which every developer in IMS is looking forward to.

by Former Member on Feb 3, 2016

Super Awesome People, Super Awesome Place; IMS@SAP.

Linda Yao

Being with SAP IMS, I am pleased and excited to grab the opportunity of sharing my experience about the work culture and diversity @IMS.

by @Preeti Negi on Feb 3, 2016

SAP Cloud for Customer Platinum Engineering Team

Linda Yao

The term "Platinum" itself signifies "Precious". Platinum has remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and is therefore considered a noble metal. Well, this in a nutshell explains our team and what we do.

by @Geetha A R on Feb 3, 2016

Empowering Workshop for one of the largest SRM Customer in Israel

Linda Yao

One of the largest Supplier Relationship Management customer in Israel is intensively using SAP SRM for their Business. SAP Contact for the customer in Israel organized an onsite "Empowering Workshop" where one SAP representative from IMS (onsite) and two from COE (one onsite and one remote) provided an onsite service delivered as an "Empowering Workshop".

by @Preeti Negi on Feb 2, 2016

3 Points something on Mindful Project Management.

Linda Yao

''The practice of mindfulness, of bringing the scattered mind home, and so bringing the different aspects of our being into focus, is called “Peacefully Remaining,” or “Calmly Abiding”. In that setting, we begin to understand ourselves more, and sometimes even have glimpses of the radiance of our fundamental nature.'' Sogyal Rinpoche.

by @Agya Pal Singh on Jan 29, 2016

Smart Table - Backend and Frontend Example

Linda Yao

Hello Fellow SCNers, in this blog, I will demo the usage of Smart Table control including OData Metadata development and Front End application code. Smart Table uses Vocabulary based annotations in OData.

by @Ankit Maskara on Jan 28, 2016

Indoor Positioning System

Linda Yao

One of the hard problem existing within offices, factories, shopping center or any other building is finding the position of movable asset/person/device. Due to the concrete construction the GPS does not work, this leads to huge issues for many industry such as Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics,Security: to offer location specific service, Promotions engagements, moving automated devices, etc.

by @Sudhir Verma on Jan 28, 2016

Hybrid OData Implementation Example

Linda Yao

I am writing this blog to demonstrate an example of how we can use Hybrid Odata in our Backend Developments for a POST(create) scenario. This demonstration uses NetWeaver Gateway Foundation 7.4 SP 0008.

by @Ankit Maskara on Jan 28, 2016


Linda YaoRecently we (GSC India Sybase product support team),delivered the first ever virtual coffee corner session to our Indian customers to throw light about our support policies, benefits they get and other basic technical information on Sybase ASE.

by @Kiran Kumar Adharapuram on Jan 27, 2016

SAP SpeakToLead Toastmasters club

Linda YaoGreetings from Toastmasters! But what is it? It is a forum where people can get together and improve their communication and leadership skills. It is a forum to network. It is a forum to strengthen relationships, secure lasting friendships.

by Former Member on Jan 27, 2016

SAP means Team Work!

Linda YaoI joined SAP one and half year back in BSS/BIO SM Team. I'm very happy to be part of this team. I was very curious about SAP before my association with SAP. I wanted to know, why SAP is very successful and leading software development company in ERP/CRM and many more product categories all over the world.

by Former Member on Jan 25, 2016

Learning leadership from the wild or Emulate leadership culture from the wild

Linda Yao

Most of my recent assignments have required for me to learn leadership competencies and my experience so far has been the best leadership lessons are what we can learn from real life examples. These examples are not necessarily restricted to humans but go way beyond and I believe every aspect of nature has something to teach.

by @Nandagopal Prasad B on Jan 25, 2016

Design thinking for dummies!!

Linda YaoMy most favorite book series are the “for Dummies” series, ever since I learnt programming I loved the simplicity of these books and never went beyond them.

by @Nandagopal Prasad B on Jan 25, 2016

Innovation through partnerships

Linda Yao

Over the last few months many people have written about the need and way of Indian software companies venturing into creating global products, in this article I touch upon partnering with global software vendors as one of the ways to kick-start the journey for companies to become global players in packaged applications / software.

by @Nandagopal Prasad B on Jan 25, 2016

Failure - The most seldom forgotten option for success

Linda Yao

Before I share my thoughts on the topic I would like to clarify that this article is not meant to glorify failure but l have tried to pen my thoughts on how organizations which have a strong mechanism to manage failures could increase the chances of success in any projects / products and initiatives.

by @Nandagopal Prasad B on Jan 25, 2016

Web Dynpro versus SAPUI5

Linda Yao

Software is an integral part of today's world. ''Mobile while mobile'' concept through smartphones, tables and other devices has made it easier to access applications and services in private as well as in business life. Such a ubiquitous mobile world demands a better user experience for business applications as the software would be more desirable to the end user.

by @Vishal VK on Jan 23, 2016

S/4 HANA info day: Logistics session

Linda Yao

It was a full for the session. S/4 HANA for logistics is an attempt to simplify and hasten up the processes/core scenarios for logistics.

by Former Member on Jan 22, 2016

Month of Service - Visit to Asha Kiran

Linda Yao

October is observed as the month of service in SAP very year. On 21st October’2015, our team ‘CUSTDEV EXEC GGN SUPPORT CM ERP’ went to Asha Kiran Home in Dharuhera, around thirty kilometers from SAP Labs Office in Gurgaon.

by @Dharambir Singh on Jan 22, 2016

Help Customers to Help Ourselves

Linda Yao

To be ‘THE’ Cloud Company powered by SAP HANA is the 2020 strategy of SAP. We at PI HANA Analytics DW Engineering Serviceshave our focus aligned with this strategy. The team has engaged in several customer/partner centric forums and have made their presence felt.


Stock taking using HANA and simplified UX

Linda Yao

Can you imagine a task that one has to carry out regularly, which is supposed to help the business to maintain its accounts, time, cost correctly and increase profitability?

by Former Member on Jan 21, 2016

The story of what happens in a great place to work : "Run Mummier"

Linda YaoWe started the new “Run Mummier” project with a three point agenda - ensure all the experienced and talented women who are on an extended career break are motivated to return, help the women stay connected throughout and help in assimilation of the woman back into the system. Our three-member team executed the project in 3 phases – the 3 Ds with strict timelines.

by @Deepthi Kancharthi on Jan 21, 2016

Customer Engagement in the Online World: Is SAP leveraging it to its full potential yet?

Linda YaoThe World Wide Web (www) is growing bigger and bigger in proportions in the sphere of global communication; it also comprises a huge share of vendor-business-customer interaction (be it B2C or B2B). This is nothing but online advertising and service (including mobile).

by @Abhishek SR on Jan 21, 2016

InnoVention @ FSMDG

Linda YaoThe Financial Services and Master Data Governance team celebrated SAP's spirit of innovation by organizing a six week-long event 'InnoVention @ FSMDG' from 25th September to 6th November 2015. The event was targeted to foster the culture of innovation among colleagues, at the same time expose them to new learnings & technologies.

by Former Member on Jan 20, 2016

SAP participates in Global Entrepreneurship Week India organized by NASSCOM

Linda YaoGlobal Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. It is a platform for connection and collaboration—engaging all players along the entrepreneurship spectrum in strengthening ecosystems around the world Global Entrepreneurship Week.

by @Abhishek Garg on Jan 20, 2016

A Remarkable Journey through the D3 world

Linda YaoMy entry into the world of D3 was simply fortuitous. I was all very excited for my project assignment in 2014, which was to lead the upcoming release of one of our most successful products – SAP Multiresource Scheduling.

by @Divya Thampi on Jan 20, 2016

UI Masking - Focusing on Customer Success

Linda YaoThe renowned author Seth Godin says: Over-focus on quality. Expectations go up.Sales rise as a result of word of mouth and customer satisfaction. More money is spent on quality. Repeat.

by @Deepak Gupta on Jan 20, 2016

A “Drop” in the OCEAN

Linda Yao

How’s your experience been till now? Sometimes it is a direct questions and at other times non- verbal, you can make out that people have started taking note of you and have already formed some opinions/visual marks.

by @Vikas Swarankar on Jan 20, 2016

Project Management: "In between the lines" - Rarely Spoken, Hardly Written!

Linda Yao

First circle - your own team, second circle - the guys who are mostly neutral and doing their bit achieve their own goals, and there is no conflict as such. The third circle - the group of people with whom you and your project may have substantial conflict of interest.

by @Pawan Maheshwari on Jan 20, 2016

My Journey of contributing in a IoT book - “Cyber Physical System – A computational Perspective”

Linda Yao

It was the beginning of 2014 when during my final year project I got the opportunity to work with sensors. I was always fascinated by seeing doors getting closed without manual effort, and I wanted to contribute in the field of Internet of Things.

by @Mohammad Nabeel Siddiqui on Jan 20, 2016

Short synopsis on NoSQL

Linda Yao

I was going through few articles in recent past where I came across with some very good information. We have seen so many RDBMS to name a few is Oracle, MySQL, HANA etc. however there is a buzz on NoSQL DB. Have you heard about NoSQL DB ? Do you know why it is used and where actually it can be used ?

by @Kanhu Ranjan Padhi on Jan 20, 2016

Need for Social Supply Chain

Linda Yao

Around 12,000 BC humans started cultivating food on their own and learned the art of preserving the perishable foods like fruits and vegetables for long time beyond its life time by various techniques. In the later stages of human development, we found various natural methodologies like drying, heating, curing using salt, preserving using sugar, smoking etc. for preserving food.

by @Sunil Lal on Jan 20, 2016

IOT With Built-in Tactile Interaction - Can I touch it? Sure go ahead!

Linda Yao

When all are connected (without wires) one needs the core essence of communication ''FEEDBACK'', and what better could be than a combination of visual and touch based interactions. Can't imagine IoT without TOUCH.

by @Vikas Swarankar on Jan 20, 2016

Design Thinking workshop @ Delhi-NCR (Digital Literacy Initiative)

Linda Yao

SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organized the Design Thinking Introduction and hands-on exercise for the youth of HOPE Foundation and JIIT Institute at Noida under Digital Literacy Initiative.

by @Vikas Swarankar on Jan 20, 2016

A custom built application constellation to influence digital economy.

Linda Yao

Micro blogging sites gives out sentiment data, Facebook gives out opinions, Pinterest give out product ideas in pictorial format, LinkedIn gives professional status quo of a user. The list goes on. Now, can I make these part of my digital economy?

by @Sunil Lal on Jan 20, 2016

Global Benefits in Employee Central - A Design Thinking Showcase

Linda Yao

I had earlier shared my thoughts on how Design Thinking helps in solving the right problem for the end user. With this blog, I would like to share few experiences of using Design Thinking Methodology and how it resulted in the product - Global Benefits in Employee Central.

by @Priyanka Porwal on Jan 6, 2016

Signature Capture Control in SAPUI5 using HTML5 Canvas

Linda Yao

Recently I had been asked, if it is possible to capture user's signature on mobile device and store it on the server. It is of course possible to do so using some open source tools such as "szimek/signature_pad · GitHub''. What would be interesting to know is how do we integrate it seamlessly with SAPUI5?

by @Rahul Choudhary on Jan 5, 2016

Employee Central, Localization & Cloud Payroll - Part 7

Linda Yao

Well, for start, we enhanced our Document Generation functionality and provided support for multiple value placeholders and as-of-date handling. This functionality we are regularly enhancing based on your feedback. So please keep sharing your feedback as it affirms our decision to invest more in this functionality.

by @Priyanka Porwal on Dec 24, 2015

Read Mode P is now Supported in BExAnalyzer Filter Screen

Linda Yao

Earlier F4 (Filter Screen / Selector Dialog ) in BEx Analyzer Planning enabled query we were able to select only M or D as read modes and were not able to select read mode as P(planning ). With the new enhancement it is now possible to set the read mode as P for planning enabled query.

by @Sushma Prabhakar on Dec 15, 2015

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