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XML File Input: Data not uploaded to Business Object



I have created a simple XML File Input scenario to describe what you need to do to verify the data input is updated into the BusinessObject.

Created Business Object named "Vehicle:

Created XML File Input:

With Instance identification:

-------------------------------------------------Error Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error: Uploaded data but data is not uploaded into the Business Object

1) Make sure Query returns uploaded data:

2) Check for any errors at "Application and User Management" Work centre, Process Communicatin Errors, Open Errors with Incidents
Check for any error by sorting descending order on Created On or by filtering for Current date at:

Ex: Invalid input data Ex: Currency in small letters

In the above case data input was:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <n0:VehicleIntegration1InputRequest xmlns:n0=""> <MessageHeader> <CreationDateTime>2016-04-05T11:00:00Z</CreationDateTime> </MessageHeader>

<List reconciliationPeriodCounterValue="188" actionCode="04" listCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true">

<Vehicle> <VehicleID>KA02</VehicleID>

<Weight unitCode="EA">191</Weight>


<Cost currencyCode="usd">194</Cost>




Here currencyCode is in small letters and is the cause for the issue.

3) Verify your input data doesn't exists already

Query returns data VehicleID =  KA02, Weight = 191 ea,insurance = 192, Cost = 194 USD

If now we try to input data with the same values for all the fields, the Business Object would not save the data since data already exists.

4) Verify solution namespace is from the correct solution

5) Verify your solution is scoped

6) In case of mass upload with actionCode = "01" , make sure the alternative key is not repeated












Here the alternative key KA02 is repeating with actionCode = "01" is for create, hence it fails since it cannot create more than one instance with the same key

7) Place breakpoints at the Business Object's events,
may be your code is rejecting the changes in Validation-OnSave or in other events:

If you still face issue, then raise ticket with the following details:
Solution name,

File input scenario path,

File input sample,
Permission to upload data.

Thanks, Pradeep.