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Clearing House Bank Statement


You have posted the Clearing House bank statement XYZ and you also posted a relevant Bank Statement for this Credit Card Posting but now you see that the Clearing House Bank Statement with status 'Released' and the Bank Statement with Post-Processing status as 'Required'.


You expected that the Clearing House Bank status with 'Confirmed' status because of the reason that the relevant item posting is already done in the Bank Statement.

Also Bank Statement is showing Post Processing as 'Required' instead of recognizing the clearing house bank credit card transaction.

System Behavior:

1. When you upload the Clearing House Statement and if the file . Such statements contain a list of individual transactions, which can be matched up with the payments In Transfer you have listed in the system. This option is only available if you have scoped credit cards with Computop.

2. If all items are successfully matched up, then only system will automatically release the clearing house statement and set the status of all matched credit card payments to Pre-Confirmed.

Clearing House Statement ID > status shows 'Released'

Credit Card Payments under it will show > Pre-Confirmed.

Now when the matched transaction is included in the bank statement, the Clearing House Statement turns to 'Confirmed' from 'Released'.

3. If the items do not match or no credit card entries existing in the system then no matching will happen and in this case the 'Clearing House Statement' will be just 'released'. Clearing House Statement ID > status shows 'Released'

Credit Card Payments under it are still pending to get some status because during the creation of this clearing house statement there are no actual credit card payments in the system. In that case

> You can directly create credit card relevant payments in the bank statement ( 3rd step )

> Post Processing Status will turn to <required> status

> Click on it and you will see the in-preparation: Payment Allocations

> Click on Actions button > Import Clearing House Statement

> Select your clearing house statement and choose the match the transaction and save.

Once the payment allocation is completed ( Transaction Amount = Allocated Amount & Open Amount = 0 ) , Post the Payment Allocation

With this Clearing House Statement status turns to < Confirmed > & Bank Statement post processing will also be changed to 'Not required'.

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