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SAP Lumira

What's new in SAP Lumira 1.30


While we are working on making SAP Lumira 1.30 available for download tomorrow (24th March 16), Couldn't resist unveiling new features in Lumira 1.30.

SAP Lumira 1.30 is packed with a great number of innovations that our clients and partners had requested and that focus on making trusted data discovery even more intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to extract significant insights and value out of their data.

Here is a summary of what's new in SAP Lumira 1.30 if you are short on time:

Now, let's dive a bit more deeper in to what you would get once you are on to SAP Lumira 1.30

Lumira 1.30 supports SAP Hana SPS 11. Apart from that you can connect to SAP HANA OLAP connections defined in BI platform, then schedule these documents on Lumira server for BI platform with output type as lums. You can also connect to SAP HANA multitenant database containers by simply specifying host and port.

Lumira 1.30 supports SAP BW 7.5 all SPs. Functional improvements for SAP BW are - respecting user's date format while acquisition and providing filters on dimensions while acquiring data from SAP BW.

Lumira 1.30 supports connecting to SAP S4HANA. You can Acquire data from CDS Views via Transient BEX Queries on BW Analytic Engine

Lumira 1.30 supports definition of custom color palettes in Lumira desktop. Once defined, they can be used across visualizations and across documents. This will help you assign your corporate palettes to Lumira visualizations.

You can also assign custom colors while creating visualizations in Lumira server for BI Platform and Lumira server for teams.


Lumira 1.30 brings you improved time series analysis with support of two additional charts i.e. scatter and bubble charts.

Lumira 1.30, from an enterprise readiness perspective comes with better performance and improved clustering support to help you scale better. Additional to that we have authentication improvements in Lumira Desktop and continued support for latest versions of BI platform.

Lumira 1.30, Linux support is here for Lumira server for BI Platform. SUSE 12 is out with 1.30 and RedHat coming soon …

Lumira 1.30, more web application servers are supported for SAP Lumira server for BI Platform. This should help you with heterogeneous deployments of SAP Lumira add-on with your BI Platform running on any of these application servers.

Lumira 1.30, comes with enhanced open document link support - support for Variables for SAP HANA and SAP BW and prompts for Universe. You can now link and embed specific parts of the Lumira document in your applications using open document link.

Blog Enhancement of Lumira document to support Full, Part and Prompts/Variables options via OpenDocument URL for SAP Lumira, server for BI PlatformEnhancement of Lumira document to support Full, Part and Prompts/Variables options via OpenDocument URL for SAP Lumira, …

We hope you would benefit from SAP Lumira 1.30 and look forward for your feedback and comments about this great new release.

And here you can find PAM documents

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