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Simplified UI Overview


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The simpliflied UI (SUI) is an extension for the full ICI - we named it classic UI (CUI). However it can exist completely independently and gather its
data from other resources than the CUI infrastructure. Futhermore it has the advantage to provide an easy integration into own Web-UIs.

But primarily it is our answer to the implementation issues our customers have had with the classic UI:

  • Implementing the classic UI requires SP12 of Solution Manager
  • Automating all of your Value Drivers/KPIs requires some effort
  • Datasources have to be setup or connected and maybe some extractors have to be developed

We also learned from our implemenatation projects that it would be easier to start a value discussion on customer side if there would be already a
tool which can be configured in seconds. The simplified UI is the solution to adress these challenges.

  • Available for every Solution Manager Version for Solution Manager 7.1 (we tested SP05 as lowest version)
  • Implementation can be done within one hour if the prerequisites are met
  • Quick changes in data and in look and feel can be made
  • The coding will be delivered as a Z-package which means the code can be freely changed by the customer

How to get

Customers which want to use the Simplified version need to be unlocked for a pilot note. In order to get unlocked, please send an email to


Simplified UI - Help

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