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Value Management Dashboard - Troubleshooting


Error Message: "No applicable data from Query"


After calling the iCI Dashboard or iCI Config App in the browser the following error message is displayed:

'error when executing dashboards: HTTP request failed /sap/opu/odata/sap/E2E_ICIDB_ODATASERVICE/Texts 
{"error":{"code":"SY/530","message":{"lang":"en","value":"No applicable data from Query!"},"inner error“:'

It is possible that the BW queries were not activated correctly through Solman_Setup.


Check: Open transaction code "RSRT" and execute query "0ESR_ICIDB_ALL“. If no data are available, please implement note:

2081230 - Solman 7.1 SP12 iCI BW content activation with CCLM content activation


After implemenation of the note please re-excute in solman_setup the activity  "BW Content activation" in CCLM step 1".

It took up to one day that the extractors start collecting data. Until that the queries display no data.

Error Message: "System alias 'LOCAL' does not exist"


After calling the iCI Dashboard or iCI Config App in the browser the following error message is displayed:

"HTTP request failed
{"lang":"en","value":"System alias 'LOCAL' does not
transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP NW Gateway hub system and search
for entries with the timestamp above for more details","SAP_Note":"See SAP
Note 1797736 for error analysis ("},"errordetails":[]}}}"


There two possibilities to solve the issue. This must be done only once (after installation).

  1. Change System Alias of OData from 'LOCAL' to 'LOCAL_SM' (recommended)

    In the system’s backend you start transaction:  /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

    Find in the list the service with name E2E_ICIDB_ODATASERVICE and select it:

    Click button „Add System Alias
    A new window opens. Click button "New Entries":

    Change mode is on.
    Set the cursor in the first row and first field and use F4-help. Find and select in the list the Service Document Identifier with name E2E_ICIDB_ODATASERVICE_0001. Confirm.
    In the field "SAP System Alias" use also F4-help. Choose "LOCAL_SM" for System Alias and confirm:

    Flag field "Default System" and save:

    Choose a transport request and save.
    Please remove the assignment of the wrong wrong System Alias with name "LOCAL" otherwise the OData Service will not working!
    Only the System Alias "LOCAL_SM" should exist:

  2. Create System Alias with name 'LOCAL'

    Start transaction SPRO and open:SPRO -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> SAP NetWeaver -> Gateway ->  OData Channel -> Configuration -> Configuration -> Connection Settings -> SAP Netweaver Gateway to SAP System -> Manage SAP System Aliases

    Click on button "New Entries".
    Add an entry for System Alias „LOCAL":SAP System Alias: LOCALDescription: Local Gateway
    Local GW: X
    For Local App: X
    RFC Destination: NONE
    Software Version: DEFAULT
    System ID: <systemid>
    Client: <client>
    WS Provider System -


Update / Create activities failing or error message 'Activation Failure'

In order to prevent CSRF attacks an CSRF token is used. If this validation is not switched on, all update/create activities are going to fail.You have to switch on the CSRF Validation for all data services or only for the ICI one. Following the following steps:

  • Open the SAPGUI
  • Execute transaction 'sicf'
  • In the 'Service Name' field, search for:
    • Classic iCI Dashboard: "e2e_icidb_odataservice" or
    • Simplified iCI Dashboard (KPI Dashboard): "ZPOC_ODATA_SERVICE_SRV"
  • Scroll down to "...opu/odata/sap"
  • select and edit either
    • "odata" (for global change) or
    • Classic iCI Dashboard:  "e2e_icidb_odataservice" or
    • Simplified iCI Dashboard (KPI Dashboard): "ZPOC_ODATA_SERVICE_SRV"
  • Under Service Data click on 'GUI Configuration'
  • Add the following parameter:  ~CHECK_CSRF_TOKEN with the value 1

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getAttribute' of null

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getAttribute' of null"

This error message will be written to the browser console if you move the mouse over the graphs.

Solution: Make sure you have the latest SAPUI5 patchlevel.

Mobile device - Dropdownbox doesn't open

Make sure you have the latest SAPUI5 patchlevel.

Link to the ConfigApp doesn't work

If you click on configuration in the ICI-Dashboard an empty page opens. The link to the configuration app need to be maitained as follows:


Run the extractor manually

In some cases a manual run of an extractor can be helpful.

Open the extractor framework:


Find the extractor:

MAI: SAP Generic MAI Data

Delete Scorecard manually

For the deletion of a scorecard use FuMo E2E_ICIDB_DELETE_TOPI in package RS_BCT_ICIDB (component ST-BCO). The mandatory import parameter is the technical name of the Scorecard (IV_KPI_TOPIC).

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