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How to maintain the Web Host parameter for Data Services/ Business Objects system


This tutorial describes how to maintain the Web Host in Remoteos parameter. Please follow the below steps to get this done.

Step 1: Get an agent name for a DSS System

  • Navigate to Managed System Configuration
  • Filter the Technical Systems with your SID
  • Choose the Technical System and click on “Full Configuration”

  • The new screen opens for “Managed System Configuration”
  • Launch the step – 3 (Assign Diagnostics Agent) and copy the “server name” as depicted in the below screenshot,

Step 2: Add the Web Host Parameter

  • Launch the “Agent administration” using the below URL,


  • Select the “Application Configuration” Tab
  • Navigate to the agent application “”
  • Choose the agent from the “Select Scope”

  • Click on “Add Property” to add the new property
    • Value: The copied agent name from – Step – 1.

Step 3: Reboot the agent

  • In the Agent Administration, launch the tab “Agents”
  • Filter the server name (with your agent name)
  • Choose “Reboot Agent”

  • The restart would take some time. Refresh the table for the green status to ensure that the agent is started.

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