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What's New in SAP Translation Hub


The tables below highlight the most important changes and new features in SAP Translation Hub.

For the latest version of the complete documentation, see SAP Translation Hub (Beta).

August 2016


Type of Change


Translation workflow


You can now translate texts using additional workflow processes. In addition to translating texts in SAP Hana Cloud Platform Git projects, you can now translate the following:

  • Short texts in ABAP objects by using a remote function call (RFC) to connect to an ABAP system
  • Individual translation files, such as ABAP-based XLIFF files, by uploading them directly to SAP Translation Hub's UI

For more information, see the following topics:

Machine Translation


An SAP-internal machine translation solution based on the Moses open source toolkit has been added as a translation provider. You can use the machine translation capabilities as part of the translation workflows and when you call SAP Translation Hub’s translation service directly. To use machine translation when you consume the translation service directly, a special parameter is required in the request of the translation service; for more information, see Translation Service.

For a list of the language variants that machine translation supports, see Supported Languages.

July 2016


Type of Change


Translation project UI


The UI now contains a new column to show the quality index of the translations that SAP Translation Hub retrieves from the multilingual text repository (MLTR). The quality index is based on a rating that language specialists assign to translations in the MLTR.

Suggestions API


The Suggestions API has been enhanced to provide information about the length specifications of text strings.

For more information, see Suggestion Service.

May 2016

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
Translation project UIEnhancement

The UI has been changed as follows:

  • Addition of translation provider information to show the source of translations (currently the multilingual text repository or translations entered manually by users)
  • Search and filter options for improved usability
  • Improved error handling
  • General visual improvements

For more information, see Translation Workflow with SAP Translation Hub.

March 2016

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
Leverage rateEnhancementImproved logic in the translation service has led to an increase in the number of translations that the translation service retrieves for a translation query.
Translation project UIEnhancement
  • Several bugs have been fixed and general usability and performance improvements have been made.
  • A link to the documentation has been added (see the question mark in the upper right corner of the UI).
Translation project APINew

This service enables you to translate texts and then view and edit the translations in a translation project. When you consume the service, SAP Translation Hub creates a translation project for the texts automatically.
For more information, see Translation Project Service.

One advantage of using this service over the existing translation workflow process (see Translation Workflow with SAP Translation Hub) is that your texts do not need to be stored in a properties file in the Git repository.

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