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SAP BusinessObjects - Web Intelligence (WebI)

How to avoid/solve 20% of your Webi Incidents ! - Webi Reports - Check/Test Webi preferences


In BI launch pad, you have the possibility to change your viewing and/or modification interface for Web Intelligence.

The view interface is used for to perform basic viewing tasks and the design mode to modify a document.

The modification interface is used by creating and/or editing Web Intelligence documents.

The available interfaces for Web Intelligence are:


2. Applet

3. Desktop

4. PDF (only for view interface)

When should you do this check?

E.g. if you want to use HTML view mode, but Applet modify mode, set the following:

    • Preferences – Web Intelligence – View – HTML
    • Preferences – Web Intelligence – Modify (creating, editing and analyzing documents) – Applet

1. Login to BI launch pad.

2. On the header panel, click Preferences.

3. In the Preferences dialog box, click Web Intelligence.

4. Under View or Modify, choose a reading/modification interface:

    • Select HTML (no download required) to view documents over the Internet, without downloading components.
    • Select Applet (download required) to view documents with a Java applet that must be downloaded.
    • Select Desktop (Rich Client, Windows only, installation required) (installation required) to view documents with a desktop application that must be downloaded.

Select this option if you plan to work offline occasionally.

  • NOTE: for View mode an additional option is available. Select PDF to view documents in PDF.

5. Click Save & Close.

How to become more professional?

  • To learn more about Web Intelligence preferences, please, read the Business Intelligence Launch Pad User Guide for 4.1 SP6 (topic: 4.5 Web Intelligence preferences)
  • Source for BI 4.1 product guides

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