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Migration of Fixed asset - Using Extended template(Special Transactions)


Hello all,

In this document I want to share a quick tip to find out the correct Movement Categories and Line Item Types in Migration of Fixed Assets(Extended) template.

In addition to SCN thread:, I would like to add there are more special cases, ex: where the correct Movement Categories and Line Item Types might not be clear.

You can view there are two fields "Movement Category" and "Line Item Type" in the tab Asset Posting Lines when you are entering the data in the Fixed Asset Migration template(Extended). You may enter free text and then you start migrating, at the conversion phase their is a value help which will help you get the values.

Examples for Movement Category are:

Acquisition, Retirement, Transfer, Manual Depreciation, Manual Write-Down and other types.

Examples for Line item Type are:

Historical costs fixed assets Down payment prior year acquisition Historical costs: current year and etc.

When you import the excel file into the migration tool, you will be required to go through the Process File step, which is subdivided in 4 steps (a - d).

1. On step "b - Convert Values", the system will check the source values that you've maintained in the excel field and compare with the target values.

2. One of the tasks of this steps is to check and map the movement types you specify to the system's target values.

3. Click on task "Edit Value Conversion for Transaction Category" and "Edit Value Conversion for Line Item Type".

4. Click on task and you can find a list with all system's transaction categories (Movement Types and Line Item Types).

5. You can check all the categories in the value help.

I hope this document will help you with the fixed asset migration process using extended template.


Annapurna Vunnam

Former Member

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