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How to avoid/solve 20% of your Webi Incidents ! - Browser Compatibility Mode


In Web Intelligence, the preferred viewing locale, document locale, and product locale affect the layout of documents and of the application interface.

If you have issues regarding visualization of the report, you might want to consider using the compatibility view.

Websites that were designed for earlier versions of Internet Explorer might not display correctly in IE8, IE9, IE10, or IE11. When you turn on Compatibility View, the webpage you are viewing, as well as any other webpages within the website's domain, will be displayed as if you were using an earlier version of Internet Explorer.

If Internet Explorer recognizes a webpage that is not compatible, you will see the Compatibility View icon button on the Address bar.

1. To Turn On Compatibility View for a Website in Internet Explorer click on this icon:

2.       or click on Tools > Compatibility View settings:

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