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SAP BusinessObjects - Web Intelligence (WebI)

How to avoid/solve 20% of your Webi Incidents ! - Rights and Authentication - Test with more client PCs


To exclude user profile corruption on a specific client machine, test and compare the product behavior on different client machines.

This easy troubleshooting test is recommended every time, when you are experiencing functional errors or miss-behavior in the BI Launchpad or the Webi Rich Client.

When should you do this check?

E.g. Webi documents are not visible for you in Public Folders in BI Launch pad.

E.g. Try to edit a report, but you are getting an error

E.g. You are not allowed to create a Webi document.

1.     Login with your user profile to another client machine.

2.     Test the same steps with your BI user profile.

     2a.     In case the same steps are working on the other machine, probably your user profile went corrupted locally on the specific machine. Please, contact your IT Administrator Team and BI Administrator, to detect and fix the changes in your environment.

     2b. In case you are getting the same product behavior, further troubleshooting steps will be needed. Please, contact your BI Administrator, to detect and fix the changes in your BI user security rights.

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