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How to avoid/solve 20% of your Webi Incidents ! - Webi Rich Client - Test the Report in 3-Tier mode


This hint explains, how to test a report in Web Intelligence Rich Client in 3-tier mode.

If you want to compare the behavior of the report between 2-tier and 3-tier mode.

What should you check?

Go through the following steps on the workstation where WRC is installed:

1.     Log on to BI LaunchPad as Enterprise Administrator

2.     Go to Preferences →Web Intelligence

3.     Select Desktop under View

4.     Click Save and close

5.     View any Web Intelligence report

6.     This will save on the workstation a file like ZHVtbXIOYW1l.zabo_wi

7.     Run this file enable 3-tier mode for WRC

Hint: To ensure you log on to the Rich Client in 3-tier mode, please check whether in front of the name of the system there is a Globe icon

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