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How to avoid/solve 20% of your Webi Incidents ! - Bex queries via BICS connection


SAP has introduced a new concept to connect BW, BI Consumer Services aka BICS with the release of BO 4.0. SAP recommends you connect BW through this connection. No universe needed for this type of connection to be consumed with.

Web Intelligence can connect directly to BEx queries and the universe is created on the fly.

Hierarchies are supported with this kind. Instead of connecting through MDX or SQL approach, this is direct client connection which performs better and faster than the other two connections.

What should you check?

1.     For general information about the usage of Bex queries via BICS (views, hierarchy, variables, restrictions) please see the following SAP Note 1611185 - Usage of BEx Queries via BICS in Web Intelligence 4.x

2. How to create OLAP connections (BICS) in CMC (video)

3. How to create OLAP connections (BICS) in IDT (video)

4. OLAP connections (BICS) in IDT (step by step)

5. When using a frontend tool, that accesses SAP BW via the MDX or BICS interface, unexpected problems such as wrong data occur. It's not clear which transactions and traces can be used to analyze the interaction. SAP support requests RSTT trace to do further investigation.

1925924 - How to enable RSTT Trace in SAP BW for Frontend Tool (SAP BI & 3rd-party Tools)

6. How to retrieve the MDX statement in BI 4.0 when having a universe based on an OLAP source?

The registry keys modification used in XI 3.1 to trace the MDA (SOFA logs) does not work anymore in BI 4.0.

1711416 - BI 4.0: How to enable MDA tracing for OLAP-based universes

How to become more professional?

*  BICS connection is supported only with SP4 release before that is not supported at all.
** OLAP (BAPI) universes are supported through QAAWS.

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