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How to Best Report Performance Issues

For processing performance related concerns and to start with our analysis we need the following information to be provided by you:

Information Level 1:

- Time frame when problem happened (by example, 01/18/2016 from 9AM to 3PM):

- Time zone of user with performance problem (by example, CET):

- Brief description of problem: a) Are all the screens and user interactions in the system are slow YES/NO?: b) For specific screen problems (by example, Open Account):

If we are not able to find the issue then we may request the below information.

Information Level 2:

- Is this a problem always reproducible or it is random?

- Always Is there any pattern where this problem happens? Example : Every day from 3-4PM

- Describe in detail how to reproduce the problem? Example : Open Sales Quote 234556

- Describe the time that is taking for scenarios where performance problem is happening, this can be done with stop watch. Example :Open Sales Quote 234556  takes 15 seconds

- Provide User ID(s) who experience the problem? Example: msamuel and jsmith

- Is this problem only happening in specific browser? Example : IE9 only

- Have you tried any other browser?  NO

- Is this problem happening from mobile application? NO

- Provide details of browser or mobile application version being user. Problem happens on IE 9.8234.234.2

Thank you very much.


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