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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins

How to Request an Update and What You Will Need

Contact Numbers to use to contact SAP Cloud Support

If you follow this link:

It will bring you to the SAP Contact Us page. Here you will find this menu:

Go to: 'Non-Technical Assistance'

Select : 'Call SAP Support' it will bring you to this page:

This is the number you will need to call in order to get through to our Hotline, to request an update over the phone. Here you can also search for your Country, type in your Country's name and select 'Search'.

Below this number, you can see the menu options that you will hear when you get through to the Hotline.

Please choose carefully, as choosing the wrong option could slow down the process of your call being handled by the correct SAP Support Engineer.

To contact Cloud Support, please Press 4.

What Information You Will Need

When your call is answered by an SAP Support Engineer, make sure you have the following information:

  • The number of your incident. This will be the EXTERNAL ID that you can find in your incident.
  • Please confirm who the correct Contact Person is, and what their Contact Number is.
  • If you feel that your incident is critical, please also have your Business Impact.
  • If your incident is of Very High Priority if possible please provide us with a 24 hour Contact Person Number.(We will only call this Contact Person outside of business hours if we urgently need more information)
  • Not all of our Support Engineers may speak your local language, so please confirm if we can contact you in English.

You can also request an update by going to the Incident in your system, and writing a Note To Provider.

Please be aware that calling the Hotline is the fastest and most efficient way to request an update as the Support Engineer may not see your note straight away.

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