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How to avoid/solve 20% of your Webi Incidents ! - WIS 30270 error


WIS 30270 is such a generic error message in Web Intelligence's world. This error could be caused by several root causes that require different approaches for a fast and efficient solution.

An internal error occurred while calling the {api_name} API. (WIS 30270)


Information about the document or the data source is invalid or not available.

The following table provides information about each of the APIs that you may see named in the {api_name} error message field:

What should you check?

1. Your BusinessObjects administrator can trace the problem that caused the error by activating the tracking and verifying the trace associated with the API.

2. For information on how to trace system activity, see the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Administrator's Guide.

Scroll down until Security Information. Here you can find the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Administrator's Guides of appropriate Support Packages.

3. Please visit “Approaches to Error WIS 30270 troubleshooting” SAP wiki page to find a possible solution for this error message.

Helpful SAP KBAs:

If you have version BO XI 3.1:

If you have version BI 4.x:

How to become more professional?

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