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FAQ for FS-PM Group Insurance Add-on GIA


In this blog you will find a selection frequently asked questions and their related answers.

A big thank to Christian Lorenz, Peter Voigt and Jan Lipowski sharing their knowledge and experience for a better and simpler group business in SAP Policy management using the SAP FS-PM Group Insurance Add-on GIA.

(1) At which levels can we assign discounts in the master policy? Is this possible at every entity of the main axis, and also coverage bundle?

Dependent on the assigned policy templates, discounts can be assigned to a master policy. For each discount derivation targets have to be defined.
E.g. the sales product “Building” is assigned to a master policy. The sales product allows the discount Z200 at product “Fire”, “Water Damage”, “Storm” and “Glass Breakage”. At assigning of the discount, the derivation targets have to be defined. So, it can be defined, that the discount shall be derived to the Fire” and “Glass Breakage”, but not to “Water Damage” and “Storm”.

The derivation takes place defined on “product module groups”, so that different combinations are possible.

This also works for coverage bundles, when discounts are assigned to.

(2) Is it possible to exclude a specific coverage for a discount, e.g. if we have a discount at contract level, but this discount is not applicable for one specific coverage underneath that contract?

See answer for question (1). The wished  behavior,can be realized by defining the discount on the coverage level and  assign the selected.

(3) If a policy is created based on a specific master policy, is it possible to disconnect that policy from the master policy or re-assign that policy to another master policy?

Yes, this is possible via "Sales Product Change" activity.  Group Insurance Addson offers a mass capability to Mass Move-Out /Relocate child policies.

(4) I have seen the possibility to update the assigned policies to the actual discount percentage via a mass transaction. Is it also possible to update an assigned policy to the actual discount percentage during the renewal process.

A Renewal process is an customer specific orchestration of different changes to the master policy and their corresponding child policies. Currently there is no defined standard renewal process, but there are multiple possibilities (Mass BTX, external dates) to adopt the assigned policies while the renewal process.

(5) Within our company, we have collectivities where the commission percentage differentiates. Is it possible to assign different commission percentages to the master policy? An example is that an employee of a partner company does not have to pay any commissions, so the commission percentage is 0%.

Currently this is not possible, but we received similar request from other customers. As soon as we have a common synced view to drive a standard, we will see how an implementation might be possible.

(6) Is it possible to store a specific type of collectivity, e.g. employer, line of business, etc.?

GIA offers two possibilities:
a) A broker can be defined directly on master policy level:

This defined broker will automatically derived to all policies assigned to the master policy.

  b) A premium payer distribution can be defined:

Based on the maintained configuration, the premium payer will be defaulted at the assigned policies.

(7) Is it possible to see which changes have been executed on the master policy? Is the history available?

Yes, a journal exist on master policy level.

(8) Is there also an extractor available for the master policy data, to make this data available in BW?

There are following data sources available:

Master Policy
/PM0/PM_ABDGPAT_ATTRMaster Policy Sample Application
/PM0/PM_ABDGJOUR_ATTRMaster Policy Journal

(9) Is it possible to link the potential business partners so that can make use of the master policy?

GIA offers an authorization concept for the master policy. So business partner might be assigned with an authorization level to access the master policy.

(10) Is it possible to link the broker to a master policy?

See answer to question 6.

(11) Although there is a broker linked to a master policy, is it possible to change it when creating the policy?

Every derivation from the master policy to the individual policy is a defaulting and can be changed as defined in the sales product configuration.

(12) How I can get training materials or a demo system?

    You can participate in The Early Adaptor Program of SAP to get a first copy of this Add-on. write an e-mail to and request the time-limited free access to SAP Learning Hub


     Early Knowledge Transfer User Registration Guides for Customers & Partners

(13) Where is there online help?

(14) How do I install the GIA solution on my FS-PM system?

    Please refer to note 2183602.

(15) If I create a new master policy, is there no input field to enter the master policy template?

     In this case you forgot to follow the steps in configuration guide.

  • Start transaction /PM0/3fw_start
  • Doubleclick on "Workplace" on the left side
  • Select the line FS-PM and click on "green hook"
  • Select the line 1 1 PM0 and click on "copy"
  • On the left seide the tree has a new entry. Select the 0001 entry and make a "right mouse click"
  • Choose "Customer variant"
  • With the + icon add a new entry

PMG application must follow the PM0 application

This is a screenshot how a sequence order with the GIA Add-on in combination with the FS-PM Auto and a customer specific application.

Ensure to reset the shared memory using Tcode SHMM delete /PM0/CL_3FJ_API_SHM entry.

(16) It looks like the templates for group insurance are missing. What can I do?

     This happens while installation the customizing was not ransfered from the client 000 to the active client. In this case it is necessary to copy some of the customizing entries. Please copy the entries from the following C-Customizing tables under given conditions. (Reason: SAP is not directly copy data to these tables in installation process)








under condition APPLICATION_ID = /PMG/GE_MP

Furthermore please copy the single line entry from table


And in Tcode SPRO

IMG-> Policy Management -> In-Force Business Management -> Basis -> In-Force Business Configurator

(17) How can I maintain Group Insurance Product Templates?

Use transaction code /PMG/GE_IBC_MPOL

(18) What do I do when the system behaves strangely with templates?

This might happen if you have changes in customizing but memory is not refreshed.

In this case just start Tcode SHMM and delete all entries beginning with /PM0* or /MV*. This will delete the shared memory and it will be rebuild as soon as you start a new business/change business.

(19) How mature is the GIA solution?

GIA 1.0 is the first version of the policy administration module for group business. It mainly reuses concepts that are known for individual business and groups individual policies below a master policy that operates as clip. Maturity level is increasing and the number of prospects is an indicator our Group Solution needed for the insurance market. Please join and use GIA to make more business.

(20) Does GIA offer any Asia-ready functionality?

Based on historical reasons, the GIA was developed with a strong focus on requirements from lighthouse customers in the APJ region. We decided to create a solution supporting group business around the globe. The core functionality was already developed some years ago as a customer specific implementation in the European market but under the umbrella of Next Generation Insurance Platform NGP is was heavily up-sized. Asia-specific business processes like Cash-Before-Cover or Claim-Bundle-Processing are supported more from a global point of view with customer specific flavors.

(21) What type of group products are implemented?

GIA operates with a master slave concept. Master is the master policy while slaves are represented by individual policies being assigned to the master policy. The slave policies are linked to a sales product while on level of master policy you only define which sales product can be handled within the master policy assignment. With the concept of master-slave, every existing sales product can be used in the group business. Of course additional settings on master policy level must be done.

(22) Where, and how many times, GIA was implemented?

GIA was initally implemented for three customers in APJ region (Sep 2016). After the first release og GIA 1.0 in November, the product is now part of the Early Adaptor Program and 2 additional european customers are using the functionality. The number of prospects is around 14 (Feb 2016) with some lighthouse insurance companies around the globe.

(23) Has GIA any reference customers?

At the current stage of the product lifecycle we do not want to influence the business needs by references. Our different customers have different implementation speed which has an influence to be a reference site.

(24) What are the costs of GIA?

Please talk to your local SAP sales account contact. If you want to join the Next Generation Insurance Platform (NGIP) Community there are some benefits for you.

(25) Is GIA cloud ready?

GIA is part of the FS-PM 5.* solution and follows the same cloud strategy.

(26) Can you provide a GIA roadmap for the upcoming years?

The SAP compliance rules are not allowing to share any SAP internal roadmap plannings. For GIA 1.1 release the planning pahse is completed. But as member of the NGIP community you can influence the roadmap by customer requirements. So early avoidance of custom code in a strong relationship to SAP to shape the future of a product combined with fast implementation.

(27) After implementation of GIA, I have some great ideas to complete the product. What can I do?

A common answer would be, do your own customer specific enhancement. With NGIP you will access to the SAP AGS Development Factory. Throwing in your customer features, they will be implemented with agile methods in a cloud-based development approach. Your custom code is going closer to the SAP standard, in a first round as a NGIP enhancement.

(28) Do you have quick overview about the GIA capabilities easy to consume without reading?

Reading the Online help

So watch the following videos to get an insight and understanding of a very small subset of features we are shipping with GIA.

GIA Topic

Link to recording

General information on RCS/GIA functionality

Tools and Interfacing

Premium per piece

Surcharge/Discount incl. synchronize

Discount depending on number of policies

Add clauses

Mass change detail and affected objects

Mass Changes (Premium waiver/annul premium waiver / clause /surcharge discount)

CBC + Mass Change (add payment to red. Runtime and increase benefit)

Move in – move out (Join a masterpolicy – SPC to transfer to a different MP – leave the master policy)

Move-out move-in

Selection result set


(29) How does GIA integrate with other systems like FS-CD, FS-CM or FS-PQM?

The real benefit of GIA and the master-slave concept is the fact, the slaves or better the individual policies are real policies. GIA is not changing the as is integration between single policies and surrounding processes. But it might need a mindset switch how this master clip works.

Integration PQM-GIA scenarios:


Link to recording

Integration PQM – GIA:

New business group

Integration PQM – GIA:

New business indiv. Business underwriting ok

Integration PQM – GIA:

New business indiv. Business underwriting has issues

(30) Which group business scenarios are supported by GIA?

    Group business can have 3 main scenarios

  • Collective bracket with defaulting values  (e.g discount for particpants of a group,, health)
  • Collective group with central processing  (e.g pension or fleet)
  • Collective group with individal processing (e.g company paid accidential)

See details how these scenarios can be implemented in blog

(31) What if I get an error pretaining to the CML-interface during the implementation of the GIA?

If this happens, you should go to the customizing and open the 'integration'-part and set the interface to 'fix values', if you don't have an interface with CML. If you have an interface with CML, you need to customize it correctly.

(32) What if I get a short dump, if I try to create a selection in my master policy?

The number range /PMG/GERES needs to be created, then the creation of a selection is possible.

(33) I want to use APIs to create master policies, etc. What can I do?

GIA offers a bunch of APIs to be found in the function goup /PMG/GE_PROCESS_API.

In the development package /PMG/GE_PROCESS_API you might also find a huge list of demo programs using these APIs.

(34) Can I upload an Excel spreadsheet with policy data?

GIA is not offering an official Excel interface. The reason is rather simple because SAP doesn't know the different formats of excels and policy structures of legacy systems or what you have aligned with your clients. But in development class /PMG/GE_PROCESS_API there are several example how to do it. e.g the report /PMG/GE_FILE_UPLOAD is a good starting point.

(35) How do I get information from an existing master policy and the enhanced entities?

Please use the API RFC function module /PMG/ABT_READ_MPOL. Please ensure you either fill the input parameter IV_REQ_ALL or you feed the input table IT_REQ_ENT to retrieve data.

EntityEntity ValueRequired
Sample ApplicationPATX
Premium Payer DistributorPREMDISTX
Commission ParticipantCOMMISX
Premium Per PiecePPPX
Multipart PartnerMULPARTX

(36) How I can search for master policies in my own custom code?

GIA offers a very flexible public class interface to achieve it.

     /pm0/cl_abg_api=>/pm0/if_abg_api_service~lookup_mpo( )

With GIA 1.0 SP01 there ia also an enhanced API available. Watch out for Note 2310922.

(37) While doing a mass activity Move-Out, I received error Command /PMG/CMD_A_GE_MMOVE not permitted.  What should I do?

Please implement note 2304261.

(38) How GIA is supported by a quotation process of FS-QUO?

Please check out help at help portal.

(39) How do I access master policy data in the master policy correspondence process?

There is a BADI for this:



Its usage can be viewed within the Form Class /PMG/GE_MASTERPOLICY in the transaction ‘EFCS’.

This is available is the base GIA version itself and does not require any notes.

(40) Is GIA offering an automated correspondence?

Automatic correspondence is implemented in note 2277035 - Automatic Correspondence Scheduling for Master Policy.

(41) I need the scenario to insure an unkown number of objects very flexible?

This scenario is often given in insurance for transport objects like in marine cargo business. For that SAP offers the solution of commerical insurane. Details here

(42) This Policy Based Technology (PBT) data model seems to be too complex. Do you have some insights?

Please read the Blog A Simplistic View on PBT in FS-PM.

(43) Can I upgrade to FS-PM 5.3 SP2 and keep GIA 1.0 on Patchlevel 0 ?

Yes this is possible. Just implement the following notes

FS-PM Note




Because of standard note, we have delivered FS-PMG Note



Because of FS-PMG issue, standard note has been corrected



Because of standard note, we have delivered FS-PMG Note


Or wait until end of July to implement GIA 1.0 SP01

(41) Do you have a list of all RFC APIs to use GIA with any external systems?

/PMG/ABT_CREATE_MPOL                                   Create master policy via RFC
/PMG/ABT_CREATE_SA                                          Create Sample Application
/PMG/ABT_DISP_MP_DERV                                 Display All Master Policy Derivations
/PMG/ABT_DISP_MP_DRV                                   Displays Master policy derivations
/PMG/ABT_GEN_ENTITY_LOOKUP                    Lookup for generic entity via RFC
/PMG/ABT_LOOKUP_MP                                      Wrapper for searching master policy via RFC
/PMG/ABT_PROCESS_LOCK_SA                          Lock or Unlock a Sample Application
/PMG/ABT_READ_MPOL                                       Read Master Policy data
/PMG/ABT_READ_MPOL_PROD_MOD           Read Master Policy detail with assigned product module group
/PMG/ABT_SVC_APL_A_EXECUTE_RFC          Release application of business process change
/PMG/ABT_SVC_REJ_EXECUTE                           Reject application

RFC for creating Result Set

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